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Outside Sales Training - First Steps to Success in Outside Sales

How do you train your new sales people?

It's all about to change. Dave Kahle's training kit, First Steps to Success in Outside Sales, will:
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  • Reduce the time you spend with new sales people.
  • Make them effective in half the time.
  • Help them establish good habits before they have a chance to develop bad ones.
I know, you have the best of intentions. But one thing leads to another, and you're never able to spend the kind of time you would like with your new sales people. As a result, they are too often neglected and left to learn by doing. That's costly in a lot of ways: bad habits are created, customers are inappropriately handled, mistakes are made, etc.

Put an end to all of that with the training kit designed to free up your time and bring your new sales people to profitability in half the time.

Each kit contains twelve audio lessons and 161 pages of exercises, outlines, and worksheets designed to create good habits.

Program Outline

Lesson One: Introduction.

First Steps to

First Steps $225


"Dave Kahle's presentation was excellent. It was very well prepared, easy to grasp, addressed the needs I had expressed to him in advance, and kept everyone involved. I wouldn't change anything. On his evaluation,  I rated Dave highest in virtually every category. His coaching style allowed each of our sales people do develop their own effective questions for clients instead of simply repeating his suggested questions. Probably the most valuable aspect of Dave's visit with us was the clear and strong insight into the importance of planning for the best use of out time and how that relates to sales success. I would hire Dave Kahle again and I would strongly recommend him to any sales training."

Tony Fidler, Sales Manager
Superior Implement Supply Company

Lesson Two: Overview of the sales process.
  • Understand that sales is a process, made up of several steps. Get an idea of what sales is all about. Recognizing the importance of relationships to sales.
Lesson Three: Organizing your first few months.
  • How to make the most of your first few months. Create relationships with inside people, learn product applications, become comfortable with your company's processes.
Lesson Four: Making appointments.
  • How to prepare for voicemail, gatekeepers, as well the decision-maker. Developing scripts. Positioning yourself before you call.
Lesson Five: Making your first sales call on a prospect - Part 1.
  • How to plan to create a relationship, gather information, educate the customer, and come to some agreement.
Lesson Six: Making your first sales call on a prospect - Part 2.
  • Preparing an introduction, achieving rapport with the customer, understanding the customer.
Lesson Seven: Making your first sales call on a prospect - Part 3.
  • Preparing a presentation. How to match your products/services to your customers' needs. Structuring a powerful offer. How to present your proposal in an attractive way.
Lesson Eight: Making your first sales call on a prospect - Part 4.
  • Closing the sale, preparing to overcome objections, arriving at an agreement for the next step.
Lesson Nine: Developing account strategies.
  • Categorizing the situation you find, developing effective strategies for every situation.
Lesson Ten: Expanding the business with customers.
  • How to handle new customers as well as inactive customers. Finding additional opportunities.
Lesson Eleven: Managing your territory.
  • Creating goals for your key activities, working your territory effectively, planning each day, week and month.
Lesson Twelve: Managing Yourself.
  • Working with integrity, maintaining a set of ethics, overcoming adversity and rejection.

    How it works.

    You simply hand the kit to your new sales person and arrange to meet with him/her periodically to answer questions and review the work.

    The kit is designed to be entirely self-managed. At the beginning of each of the 12 lessons, a checklist identifies the tasks to be completed, and provides a place for the sales person to check off each task. Typically, he/she listens to an audio lesson on the CD, and then completes a number of worksheets. The exercises and worksheets are designed to prompt the sales person to apply the ideas to his/her territory.

    At the end of each lesson is a place for you (or a mentor) to sign, indicating that the lesson was acceptably completed. 

    At the end of the final lesson, you have the option of having the sales person take an internet exam for an additional fee.

    The Result?

    Your sales people are instructed in the best practices of B2B selling with minimal involvement of your time.

    First Steps to Success in Outside Sales
    Multi-media self-study program


    First Steps to Success is also available delivered on line
    through our Sales Resource Center. Learn more.

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