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How to Excel at Distributor Sales - Table of Contents

1. Turbulent Times
An insightful look at some of the trends causing radical changes in the way successful distributor salespeople must work.

2. Your Strategic Advantage in the Information Age
The unique characteristics of distribution in the information age. The six competencies that define the excellent salesperson.

3. Getting Organized - Part One: The Starting Point
Powerful techniques to analyze and prioritize the most important aspects of your job.

4. Getting Organized - Part Two: Managing Information
How to control the tidal wave of information that can overwhelm an unprepared salesperson.

5. Getting Organized - Part Three: Files, Files & More Files
A plan for organizing all your important information into an easily accessed format.

6. Building relationships - Part One: Eight Powerful Rules
A detailed look at the relationship-building process including eight powerful rules for relating to your customers.

7. Building relationships - Part Two: Reflective Behavior
More powerful techniques for earning preferential treatment from your customers.

8. Transferable Sales Skills - Part One: What Are You Really Selling?
A unique way of organizing products and services into compelling configurations for your customers. A step by step approach to improving your ability to set appointments.

9. Transferable Sales Skills - Part Two: Managing an Interactive Sales Dialogue
Visualizing the sales process, learning how to uncover the customer's deep needs.

10. Transferable Sales Skills - Part Three: The Art of Asking Questions
Mastering the art of asking questions - the salesperson's single most powerful skill.

11. Transferable Sales Skills - Part Four: Closing the Sale
How to make powerful presentations, close the sale and handle objections.

12. Controlling Yourself - Part One: Take Charge of Your Attitude
Why most success begins in your mind. How to deal with setbacks and failure.

13. Controlling Yourself - Part Two: Dealing with Fear
How to set goals, conquer fear, overcome procrastination and deal successfully with adversity

14. Working Smart - Part One: Goal Setting
How to become more productive by multiplying your effectiveness. Proven principles of planning and preparing.

15. Working Smart - Part Two: Time Management
Powerful time management strategies specifically designed for distributor/dealer salespeople.

16. Working Smart - Part Three: Ethics
Nine commandments for the ethical salesperson.

17. Self-Directed Learning - Part One: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage
Why "learning to learn" is the ultimate competitive advantage. Five specific strategies to become a more effective learner.

18. Self-Directed Learning - Part Two: The Menta-Morphgosis® process for making self improvements a way of life.

19. Nine Power Strategies for Distributor Salespeople The commandments for success in distributor/dealer sales.

20. Where to go from here....

  How to Excel at Distributor SalesHow to Excel at Distributor Sales - In the New Millennium

This book contains 293 pages of detailed, street smart strategies for the
salesperson who wants to prosper in the new economic environment.

This much-praised book is an absolute must for everyone of your
salespeople if you're serious about improving their performance.

Read an excerpt from the book.
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