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How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Salesperson
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This newsletter is helpful for me in outside sales, and our inside sales people benefit from it as well. I use a lot of the tips that Dave gives in everyday sales calls, and they have helped me out immensely. This is a great training tool for the price."
Travis Dhein, Waytek Inc.

Motivational Sales Seminars by Dave Kahle

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Sales Training Seminars by Dave Kahle

Dave Kahle is a master sales trainer - one of those rare trainers who combines over 30 years of very successful sales experience with an in-depth knowledge of how people learn (he has both a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching). His sales seminars are always educational, inspiring, and motivational, focusing on a single end result - changed behavior. Salespeople leave Dave's sales seminars with specific, practical practices that they know they can implement. They are energized, educated, inspired and motivated.

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How to create a sales system to grow your business more rapidly and profitably

For owners, chief sales officers, and executives.

The ultimate solution to growing your business is to create and continually refine a sales system that influences every customer contact – a sales system that can be relied upon to consistently bring in an ever-increasing quantity of revenue. 

In this interactive workshop, Dave Kahle will show you how to build a system from the ground up.  You’ll leave with an understanding of powerful principles and specific ideas you can use to make an immediate difference in your organization. This is the sales seminar that will take your business to the next level.  Learn more.

The Kahle Way® Sales Management System Seminar: How to Unleash the Potential in Your Sales People.

For sales managers, sales executives and sales supervisors. 

The greatest untapped potential in most sales organization resides in the sales force.  They can do better, and you can help them.

Over 1,083 managers have become empowered with this system to help unleash the sleeping potential in their sales forces.  You’ll leave with a specific set of principles, processes, practices and tools so that you will make the best use of your time, while keeping your sales team focused, and helping them reach their untapped potential. Learn more.

How to Become a Master Sales Person:  The 5% Formula

For business to business sales people. 

Our 5% Formula teaches a powerful and proven set of principles, processes, practices and tools to empower a B2B sales person to multiply his/her results.  This interactive sales seminar has changed the careers of over 2,000 sales people, and impacted hundreds of sales organizations.

Learn how to sell better. You’ll understand the key competencies and practices of an effective 21st Century sales person, and learn how to do each better than ever. Learn more.

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Kahle Way Webinars

Dave has an active program of both new, live webinars, and dozens of recorded webinars for sales leaders, sales managers and sales people housed in The Sales Resource Center.

Best of Dave Kahle recorded phone sales seminars

Each sales and marketing seminar is crafted to inspire, educate and motivate your sales staff! Participants will learn strategies they can implement immediately - so you'll see improved sales results - with a minimum investment of time and money. The price for these sales seminars is so low that you can easily afford to have every branch or sales office take part. Save expensive travel costs, eliminate time off the job, and do away with any preparation on your part. Bring Dave... the nation's number one sales guru, into your office to inspire, motivate and educate your people. These one hour recorded sales seminars are available in a number of different formats, and come with an extensive set of handouts for each. Review our extensive set of topics. {Learn more}


The Sales Resource Center

Books by Dave Kahle
How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime Question Your Way to Sales Success 10 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople Take Your Sales Performance Up a Notch Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century

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