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Handling Customer Objections

Handling sales objections training kit by Dave Kahle

The Essential Secrets of Building Positive Business Relationships

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Learn how to stop letting objections get in the way of your sales success.

Even the most experienced sales person can get sweaty hands and a thumping heart when it comes to dealing with a customer's objections. It's the riskiest part of the sales process, the moment that many sales people fear the most.

Many sales people never adequately deal with a customer's objections, preferring to ignore the subject altogether. Others fall back on the highly manipulative tactics that are often advocated.

The result? Missed opportunities, lost sales, frustrated sales people and discouraged sales managers.

Sales people today must master this skill if your company is going to be successful.

The Solution... Dave's new training kit, Handling Customer Objections!

Designed to be a complete one-stop solution for any sales professional, this kit is an absolute must if you want to sky-rocket your sales! The breakthrough principles, processes and tools that this program teaches sales people will make a major and immediate difference in your results.

What's in the kit... This package contains two complete sixty minute live training sessions presented by Dave (outlined below) as well as a set of exercises to help you implement the materials. This program is great as a stand alone development tool or it can also be used as two small group-training sessions. (Each lesson is a recording of one of Dave's previous live interactive phone seminars.) Everything is organized into a 3-ring binder for easy keeping.

In these two seminars, Dave will show you how to effectively deal with objections with easy-to-use, easy-to-understand principles, processes and tools. As a result of listening to these seminars, you'll gain confidence in your ability to deal with any objection - to the point that you will actually look forward to your customer's objections!

  • Lesson One: Handling Objections Part I: Planning Strategies

    In the first session Dave focuses on how to prepare for objections - the strategies and templates that will help you become so comfortable and confident that you'll look forward to your customer's next objection.

    In this motivational 60-minute CD lesson, participants will....

    • Learn three basic ways to respond to objections including one that you've never thought of. Get a template to help organize your thoughts. Learn the three most powerful ways to convert a customer to your thinking.
    • Learn a system for you to prepare for any objection to anything.

  • Lesson Two: Handling Sales Objections Part II: Dealing With The People

    In this action-packed one-hour seminar, Dave will focus on tactics - the face-to-face principles, how-to processes and tools that allow you to comfortably and confidently field any objection.

    In this 60-minute CD lesson participants will learn....

    • The two words you should never use. How to take the tension out of the situation. Sixteen specific tactics to help you deal with any objection.
    • A three-step system to making everyone comfortable and open to your thoughts.
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