Free Video Series
Introduction to The Sales System Short Course

For a limited period of time, we’re offering a free three part video series to introduce The Sales System Short Course. If you’ve ever thought, there has to be a better way to get consistent sales, then you won’t want to miss this free video series. You’ll learn:

  • Why creating a sales system is important.
  • The two fundamental sales processes that sales authority Dave Kahle has used to ignite the sales of hundreds of businesses.
  • How to create your very own sales system, so you can start achieving more consistent and reliable sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get practical insights you can start applying to your business today. To get access to the first video simply fill out the form to the right and I’ll send you a link to the first video via email with videos two and three to follow in the coming weeks.




See how Dave’s Sales Systems helped one company grow from 4.5 Million to $22 million in sales:

Without a doubt, you far exceeded all our expectations! Your material was exactly what our people needed to help them transform themselves into the kind of sales people we need if we’re going to succeed in the next few years. I still can’t get over the fact that you were able to keep 40 people interested, attentive and positive for a full eight hours. Especially in light of the fact that many were not really excited about coming to the seminar to begin with.”

Ralph Rottenburg

Executive Vice President, Commerce Corporation