Looking for resources to develop your salespeople in the specific competencies of Business-2-Business Corporate Sales?

Since 1988 we have provided powerful, interactive training and development experiences for corporate sales people. Our focus is always on changing behavior and instilling best practices to produce exceptional results.

"The results have exceeded everyone's expectations. In the first full year, the program has been responsible for generating $5,000,000 in new sales and acquiring 658 new customers...Dave has been invaluable to us, one of the best investments we have made."
Garry L. Miller, Sales Manager Crystal Flash, Inc.

We serve clients world-wide within the B2B selling environment.

Select from a variety of options for your sales force. Our menu of options begins with custom-designed in-house programs, including keynote presentations by Dave Kahle for annual sales meetings and conventions.

"Thank you for an excellent presentation at out National Sales Meeting. I have read a couple of your books and subscribe to your newsletter so I had high expectations for the presentation. You exceeded my expectations; your presentation was on point and very timely for what our 50 sales reps needed to hear. I had many positive comments from our sales force regarding both the content of your presentation and the high energy interactive presentation style. In the weeks since the presentation I have had several sales reps credit the information you presented when sharing success stories with me. We have used your presentation as a platform to build in [the next year] as we ask our reps to be much more proactive about planning how they need to spend their valuable sales time. I know that this will have a positive impact on our business in the future. We look forward to bringing you back to a future National Sales Meeting."
Dave Bartholomew,Vice President Sales & Marketing Lancaster

The Kahle Way ® B2B Selling System
is the ultimate training program. It’s available in a variety of formats, including live in-house seminars, CD, and public seminars.

“This was the most intense, and the most extensive, sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of the 179 salespeople in the various sessions over the four weeks, was excellent. I have seen an excitement and change of mind-set that we have not experienced from any other program. The program was very expensive and time consuming, but I think will prove, without a doubt, to be the most beneficial investment our company has ever made in our future, its profitability, and in our people.

I was amazed at how well you adapted your presentation to make everyone feel comfortable and willing to become engaged in the process. We sincerely appreciate your passion for our program and the effectiveness of your presentation.”

R. L. Burdette, President Nunn Electric Supply Corporation

Listen to Dave being interviewed on the subject of a pre-call touch - how to get an audience with high-potential, difficult to see prospects.

For those who want to present the training themselves, consider our multi-media training programs.. These DVD/CD ROM kits contain a detailed facilitator’s guide to enable anyone to facilitate the training; a video or CD of Dave Kahle presenting the material; and a student’s guide for the participants. In addition to the Kahle Way ® B2B Selling System, consider our programs for managers, inside sales people, and field salespeople.

Our self-study programs are designed to be used by an individual. Programs for sales managers include the Kahle Way® Sales Management System, How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Salesperson, and How to Create a Win/Win Sales Compensation Plan.

Self-study programs for salespeople include our certification program for B2B sales people, our “Best of” CD’s, and a variety of other programs, including our books.

If you’d like help in narrowing down your options, or would just like to discuss your situation, feel free to Email or call us.

"We have never had such an immediate, positive and measurable result from any training. This has been the single most significant investment in training we have ever made. It's changed the nature of communication within our sales team in such a way that we expect better sales representative retention rates, more highly motivated managers and sellers, a greater degree of accountability and, yes, increased profitable sales as a result!"

William A. Fidler, Executive Vice President Brenntag - North America, Inc.


How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

The Sales Resource Center


Live Phone Seminars

Take Your Sales Performance Up a Notch

Salespeople have always had a tough job. It just got tougher. In the last five years, selling has become unimaginably complex. Products are born and die within six months. Customers demand personalized attention. Service is critical to some, while price is the key factor for others. And then there's the Internet--how's a salesperson supposed to compete with that?

It seems salespeople need to be many different things to many different markets. This new book addresses this issue, and shows salespeople how they can adopt six different roles (a.k.a. "hats") for different selling situations. Based on the concept of "critical thinking," this powerful book provides salespeople with a comprehensive system for using just the right thought-strategy for each circumstance.

Readers get detailed information on how to best "wear" each of the six hats:

1. Astute Planner
2. Trusted Friend
3. Effective Consultant
4. Skillful Influencer
5. Adept Human Resource Mgr.
6. Master Learner

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This newsletter is helpful for me in outside sales, and our inside sales people benefit from it as well. I use a lot of the tips that Dave gives in everyday sales calls, and they have helped me out immensely. This is a great training tool for the price."
Travis Dhein, Waytek Inc.