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Articles by Andrea Corney

DEADLY DYNAMICS: How to Stop the Other Person From Being Unreasonable by Andrea Corney
In my work I do a lot of conflict resolution and lately I've been seeing quite a lot of what I call Deadly Dynamics. If you aren't in the midst of a deadly dynamic right now, you've certainly experienced it once or twice in your career and I guarantee it's going to pop up on your team one day soon. Learn to recognize it now before it throws a monkey wrench into all your hard work. What is Deadly Dynamics? ..... [Read More]

Articles by Art Sobczak

Attitude and Ownership are Everything by Art Sobczak
There are two attributes I've observed over the years that separate achievers, producers, and wealthy people from those just getting by or are failing, also being miserable, and perhaps bankrupt. They are a great attitude, and taking ownership. Without these two, you don't have much of a chance of passing mediocrity. WITH these two, you can accomplish anything. Attitude of course is comprised, among other things, of your desire, how you view everything around you and what happens to you, and your vision of where you're going. Ownership is taking personal responsibility. Viewing and handling situations as if you owned them, even if you don't..... [Read More]

Listen Like a Homicide Detective by Art Sobczak
While listening to a talk show on the car radio while negotiating rush hour traffic from an airport to a hotel, I heard a police officer being interviewed. He is the head of the Homicide Unit in his city and was talking about techniques used to question suspects. One line was so profound and applicable to sales that I kept repeating it so I wouldn't forget it: "When a suspect is talking, don't do or say anything to cause him to stop." Wow! So true. And go beyond the surface level to realize the actual danger and potential damage here. It's not just that they stop talking, but what else happens when you've interrupted someone?..... [Read More]

Good Enough Doesn't Cut It by Art Sobczak
While on the road I stopped in a pizza joint to grab a quick slice for lunch. In the all-you-can-eat-buffet line was a super-sized fellow, who appeared to be not just overweight, but grossly obese. The two overflowing plates looked as small as poker chips his massive bear-like palms. His buddy in line behind him, about half the big guy's size, ribbed him: "Hey tiny. Take one more slice . That'll help you get in shape," he yucked. "Whaddya mean? Round IS a shape!", he chortled. "Anyway, I'm in great condition. I own a treadmill and even used it once ." That's a sad example of how lots of people view their health. And it's very similar to how many others view their SALES health.From Managers "Well, my salespeople are seasoned." "My sales reps are veterans." "The guys here are experienced." From Sales Reps ... [Read More]

Don't Sound Like a Salesperson by Art Sobczak
Greetings! She made several potentially fatal call-ending mistakes on her sales call to me. But, I stayed on the line with her. More about why in a minute. First the mistakes: "Hello Art, I'm ______ with ________. I sent you a letter the other day. I was wondering if you received that?" I responded: "Don't believe so. Did I ask you to send it?" Mistake One: The old, "Didja get it," opening statement. It's horrible. It invites resistance. It screams out, "Salesperson!"..... [Read More]

Articles by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

Way of Thinking Drives Profitability by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez
Business Managers not focused on improvement become administrators at best and bureaucrats at worst. We tend to think of Sales as being the only competitive area of business, but that's only the beginning; competition continues beyond Sales through the entire business process. Improvement Equals Profit Enhancement There are 4 basic ways to improve the bottom line:.... [Read More]

A Take It or Leave It Attitude Begins at the Top by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez
"We stress the importance of good customer service," said a senior VP for a large corporation. Our conversation was the culmination of several problems with an order I'd placed with his company. I had placed my order in advance and was told that there would be no problem with it being filled by my requested date. In turn, relying on the commitment, I made plans.... [Read more]

Most Profitable Sale Waiting To Happen by Abe Walking Bear Sanchez
It may seem like a contradiction, but there are times when more bad debt can mean an improvement to the bottom line. The call was from the CEO of a $30M a year distribution company in Portland; he had a question. "Last year we wrote off $5000 to bad debt, do you think we're too tight on credit approval?" "Let me ask you a couple of questions", I said. "First, do you have any unused capacity? Could you take on more business without having to hire any new people or take on any more fixed expenses?" The answer was "yes", they could take on more business. Next I asked.... [Read More]

Articles by Bill Lampton

Overcoming Stereotypes: A Key Step In Successful Communication by Bill Lampton
Have you ever felt that you were a victim of stereotyping? As women have moved into managerial posts, they have referred to a "glass ceiling"–the barrier to greater advancement because of the stereotype which questions their ability to handle leadership responsibilities at the highest levels. Regional stereotypes remain prominent.".... [Read More]

Celebrating Successes: The Power Of Compliment by Bill Lampton
Years ago, when I was new in management circles, a veteran administrator decided to share his self–described secret of success. He said: You have to be careful, Bill. I've learned not to compliment my people. Makes them too self–assured, and they get lax in their work habits. Better to keep them guessing. As I listened, I uttered silent thanks, grateful that Don was a professional acquaintance–and not my boss. Both intuitively and from experience, I knew that managers build loyalty when they celebrate their employees' successes with compliments.".... [Read More]

Articles by Cory Halbardier

Tardiness by Cory Halbardier
There are two types of people: Those who habitually show up early, and those who habitually show up late. You know who they are. If you tell them a meeting starts at 3, they'll be there around 3:15. If they need to attend a class that starts at 8, you can count on them being there at 8:30 because they were "stuck in traffic." Of course there are always instances that even habitually early people show up late like an accident on the freeway or an unplanned family emergency. I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about those who are late to everything.".... [Read More]

Articles by David Riklan

Seven Keys by David Riklan
Let me start by sharing what I believe to be our primary task in life. It is simply: ** TO IMPROVE OURSELVES and to IMPROVE OUR LIVES! Everybody that I speak to wants to improve their life, but many of them are faced with the same question: ** WHAT is the BEST WAY TO START IMPROVING MY LIFE? I am going to help you answer this question.... [Read More]

Articles by Donna Lendzyk

How Do You Maintain an 'Unquestionable, Positive Demeanor'? by Donna Lendzyk
Near the end of December 2004, I received an email from one of my colleagues that I had not heard from in awhile saying, "Donna, I'm wondering if I might have a moment of your time in the near future to ask you some questions about what I've observed to be your unquestionable, positive demeanor. Any time that I've encountered you, I've found your attitude is very infectious, and I'd like to talk to you about how you maintain it and where it springs from.".... [Read More]

Articles by Eric Gelb

The Incredible Image – 8 Steps to Put Your Business' Best Foot Forward by Eric Gelb
Look into the mirror? Do you see your image–the You that others see? Image counts Big–Time in today's super – competitive and demanding world. But the secret to developing a strong brand identity is to crystallize–in your target market's mind and heart–the image you want to convey, and broadcast that message actively and consistently.".... [Read More]

Articles by Erin Ferree

The Great Two–Sided Business Card Debate by Erin Ferree
A business card is one of the most important marketing pieces that you'll develop for your company, since it is typically the first piece of your marketing materials that a new client will see..... [Read More]

Articles by Jim Domanski

8 Keys to Getting Your E-mails Read Every Time by Jim Domanski
The key to getting your e-mails read and acted on is making sure they catch your clients' eyes and draw the reader into the message. Follow these tactics to make your e-mails clutter-free, quick to read, and precise. Your message will be more appealing and more likely to be read with the attention you deserve. E-mail can be a very effective and efficient means of communication. It's inexpensive and can produce immediate results. But here's the problem with e-mail, especially in the prospecting and selling process: your prospects and clients get dozens of e-mails every day. So the challenge is this: How do you get your e-mail read and acted on?.... [Read More]

Stop Talking! 7 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills by Jim Domanski
Here's the simple truth: most tele-sales reps are not good listeners. It's not their fault: sales reps are taught product knowledge. Reps learn all about features, advantages and benefit. They learn how to present; they learn how to tell, they learn how to pitch. Even those companies that teach questioning skills often fail to teach the rep how to listen to the answers. When a rep asks a question he is often waiting for the customer to stop talking so that they can begin pitching again. The issue here is lack of training. We have not been taught how to listen. It is an assumed skill. And this is particularly true in tele-sales where you lack the visual contact with the client. Here are seven simple but highly practical AND highly effective ways to improve your listening skills.... [Read More]

Grabbing Their Attention: How to Tell Prospects What You REALLY Do by Jim Domanski
Here's the scenario: You are at a trade show wandering around. Someone comes up to you, strikes up a conversation. At some point the person asks: "So, what do you do?" Quickly: what do you say? Be honest here! Chances are you say something like this: I am sales rep with... I am a sales consultant with... Now, next question: what do the two things all these lines have in common? First, they are dull, unimaginative and ho hum. Why? Because every sales rep uses these phrases. Sure they reflect the nature of your job or the company for whom you work, but that's it. No differentiation; just one of many vendors. No umph! [Read More]

Articles by Jill Konrath

Collateral Damage: How Brochures Derail Sales of New Products and Services by Jill Konrath
In January, many companies introduce new products and services. Everyone is excited and upbeat - especially the sales force. They have a new reason to go back to old customers, a chance to knock out competitors and the potential to have a great year selling. Yet all too often, things don't quite work out as planned and sales come in slower than everyone projected. The tension rises. Marketing and Sales start pointing fingers, blaming each other for the lackluster results. Sound familiar? I can't tell you how many times I've seen this happen in my years as a consultant. Lots of factors are involved, but today we're going to look at one that salespeople have total control over.... [Read More]

Dialing for Dollars How to Get Appointments with Your Best Prospects by Jill Konrath
Six months ago I temporarily shut my business down to refocus, rename and rebrand my company. I also needed to create a web site. Finally, after several months of gut-wrenching work, I was ready for prime time - eager to get back to work. My value proposition was strong; my target market clearly defined. After identifying companies that met my parameters, I went on-line to research them. I requested annual reports and read them carefully. I wanted to ensure that when I talked to the executives, my services were aligned with their business objectives. Then, I developed my Top Ten List.... [Read more]

Is Your Value Proposition Strong Enough? by Jill Konrath
A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services. The more specific your value proposition is, the better. Most people and companies have lousy value propositions. They're weak - and I mean really weak. Often they're simply a description of the offering's features or capabilities. Or they're filled with self-aggrandizing puffery. Here are a few examples of weak value propositions:

  • It's the most technologically advanced and robust system on the market.
  • We improve communication and morale.
  • We offer training classes in a wide variety of areas.
  • My product was rated the best-in-class by leading authorities. You're probably saying, "So what?" That's exactly what most customers think when you share a weak value proposition..... [Read More]

Articles by Lawrence L. Steinmetz

How to handle price buyers: "But we have to justify our prices to our customers!" by Lawrence L. Steinmetz
One of the oldest tricks in the books is for a customer to demand that sellers justify their prices. Nothing is more absurd. Let's consider this logically. The basic problem with trying to justify your prices is that the customer does not want you to make any more money when your costs go up. For example, if your costs go up $2, the customer thinks you should raise your prices $2. But such a behavioral pattern would erode your gross profit margin and destroy your business..... [Read More]

Articles by Dr. Robert DeGroot

Why Learn by Dr. Robert DeGroot
17 reasons why sales professionals should learn.... [Read more]

Articles by Sharif Khan

Effective Business Writing Tips for Professionals by Sharif Khan
Effective business writing skills can help you win that million dollar contract, earn a promotion, resolve a dispute, or generate a significant increase in new business leads. Poor business writing, on the other hand, can never be undone; it can cause you to lose business to your competition and even cost you your job. Here are 11 easy ways you can improve your business writing skills.... [Read More]

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