How to Make Powerful & Persuasive Presentations

Create Powerful and Persuasive Sales Presentations more easily with Dave Kahle’s effective sales training kit

How to Make Powerful & Presuasive Presentations

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A sales presentation should not be scripted. It seldom follows a predictable path. Daily shifts in business needs and variations in human nature make every presentation a walk on the wire without a net.

The sales person who makes it all the way to the sale is often the one with the most effective sales presentation. This includes much more than just product knowledge, and in this session we cover the full spectrum of what it takes to succeed.

Many sales people never adequately deal with a customer's objections, preferring to ignore the subject altogether. Others fall back on the highly manipulative tactics that are often advocated.

The result? Missed opportunities, lost sales, frustrated sales people and discouraged sales managers.

Sales people today must master this skill if your company is going to be successful.

The Solution... Dave's new training kit How to Make Powerful & Persuasive Presentations!

Designed to be a complete one-stop solution for any sales professional, this kit is an absolute must if you want to sky-rocket your sales! The breakthrough principles, processes and tools that this program teaches sales people will make a major and immediate difference in your results.

What's in the kit... This package contains two complete sixty minute live training sessions presented by Dave (outlined below) as well as a set of exercises to help you implement the materials. This program is great as a stand alone development tool or it can also be used as two small group-training sessions. (Each lesson is a recording of one of Dave's previous live interactive phone seminars.) Everything is organized into a 3-ring binder for easy keeping.

  • Lesson One: Powerful Presentations - Part I Preparing to Make Powerful Presentations

    Eventually, every sales strategy comes down to one person delivering your message. Will they be prepared to succeed? The Boy Scouts may have originated the motto of "Be Prepared", but your sales team lives or dies by it. In this lesson, Dave teaches sales people how to prepare powerful presentations.

    In this motivational 60-minute lesson participants will....

    • Learn the three key principles to preparing effective sales presentations
    • Learn how to match the presentation to meet the customers needs
    • Learn how to make the presentations bigger than the product or service you are offering.
    • Get a worksheet they can use to craft a powerful presentation

  • Lesson Two: Powerful Presentations - Part II: Tips for Making Powerful, Persuasive Presentations

    Tactics are the tools you use to reach your goal. Be sure your players know the right and wrong ways to carry the ball. Strategies and goals tend to be general: "win the account... close the sale..." These strategies seldom change, but the tactics used to achieve success must be flexible enough to avoid obstacles and objections. Once your team goes face to face at the point of sale, they need a full range of tactics to assure success. This is why the sales master can beat the one-dimensional sales pitch guy every time. In this program, I'll teach the tactics and strategies your salesforce needs to master the art of creating effective sales presentations.

    In this 60-minute lesson participants will ....

    • Learn the two principles that they must master to succeed. Get 10 tips to help them make powerful & persuasive presentations. Learn how to use the most powerful concept of making presentations (the simplified cone of experience)
    • Learn a follow-up technique they can use to help them make more effective sales presentations.

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