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Dave’s most recent E-book:  Turbulent Times:  Navigating Your Way Through Complexity in a Rapidly-Changing, Information Saturated World.

How to Kreate Kahle’s Kalculation: Learn our formula for measuring sales productivity. Take the emotion out of evaluating a salesperson.  E-book.

Portrait of a Professional Sales Manager: An E-book that paints a picture of the personality and behavior of a professional sales manager.

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Immediate, 24/7 access to the Xi Community.  This is an online community where we bring sales leaders together to learn, share and grow by generating focus, energy and insights, so that they can become more confident and competent, develop an excellent sales team, and enjoy greater respect and influence.

In the Xi Community, you’ll have:

Access to like minded sales managers and sales leaders struggling with the same challenges you are facing.

Access to our team of experts to bounce issues and ideas.

Opportunity to attend a monthly free Zoom meeting with Dave and other colleagues.

Access to a growing body of content, including these lessons, for free:
– Penetrating the Difficult Account
– Thriving in These Turbulent Times
– Managing a Marginal Salesperson
– Character Traits of Great Leaders
– How to Handle Difficult Customers
– Sales Force Compensation
– Dealing with Price Issues
– Handling Objections
– Inspiring Action ($)
– Learning to Learn Better & Faster
– The Menta-Morphosis® System for self-directed learning.
– How to Facilitate Menta-Morphosis®
– Step One to Building a Sales System

More lessons are added monthly. In addition to the free lessons, you have access to dozens of others for the discounted price of $24 each.

$5 Five Dollars each Month?

$5 a month!  OK, we both know that is a token amount, and not at all representative of the value you receive.  That’s because we really are not interested in your money.  We are interested in your engagement.  We want to create a community of people who are serious about developing themselves and their businesses.  So, in lieu of charging a more reasonable fee, we expect you to:

1. Bring at least one other person into the community each year.

2. Enroll in at least one lesson each quarter.

3. Interact by posting at least once a month.

4. Attend at least one live Zoom event each quarter.


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About Dave Kahle









In his first career as a sales person, Dave Kahle was the number one sales person in the nation for two different companies, in two distinct selling situations. That led to his second career as a sales authority. 

As a sales authority, Dave has written 13 books, which have been translated into eight languages and available in 20 countries, and presented over 1,000 times in 47 states and 11 countries.  He’s trained literally tens of thousands of sales people to sell better, thousands of sales managers to manage better, and has worked personally and contractually with over 459 companies.