Sell Better!

Second Edition

Are you ambitious for the growth of your company, but confused as to what to do?

Sell Better E-Book

Are you overwhelmed with solicitations from people who want to build you a new website, drive traffic via SEO, pay per click and the latest electronic marketing gambit? Maybe the local media want you to buy their services, or maybe you see other companies like yours who have grown with telemarketing, or outside sales people. It's confusing.

Or, maybe you are frustrated with attempts in the past that have not panned out. You've invested in more than a couple losing initiatives, and are a bit gun shy when it comes to trying something to take your business to the next level.

I can help. My sales E-book, "Sell Better! How to grow your sales more rapidly and predictably by creating and refining a powerful sales system" will show you an approach that you can use for years to take control of your business's growth.

But first, a little about me. I have sold for a living my entire life. I began at age 17, when I got a summer job running vacation routes for the Jewel Tea Company. For the next 20 years or so, I sold for six different companies, becoming the number one sales person in the nation for two of them, in two totally distinct industries and selling situations. I moved up to sales manager and eventually division manager. In that capacity, I grew a start-up division from $10,000 in monthly sales to over $600,000 in 36 months.

In 1988, I went into private practice as a "Growth Coach," helping my clients grow their sales and develop their people. Over the last twenty five years, I have written eleven books (several of my books are world-wide sellers having been translated into eight languages and available in over 20 countries); I have spoken before national meetings and conventions of 89 national associations, and presented in 47 states and ten countries. I have personally and contractually worked with over 349 companies, and touched literally thousands more through my seminars and webinars.

I have learned a bit about selling, and how to make a company grow. You can read some of my success stories here, or read over 250 signed letters of recommendation here.

Here's just one such testimonial:

"Our results have been astounding...we had the following increases in sales: March 18.4% April 13.7% May 14.2% June 10.1% July 19.0% August 15.4%. Obviously, we are very pleased with Dave's work and strongly recommend him to any business wishing to improve its sales performance." Robert Buffam, President Van Hoeck's Shoes, Inc.

I can help you. I have worked with companies of every size and type, and have refined a set of principles, processes, practices and tools that are effective for anyone who wants to grow their sales.

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that you must want to grow your business, and you must want that to such a degree that you are willing to invest time, money, and emotional energy into the process. That's why I asked the question that lead off this piece: Are you ambitious for the growth of your company?

Believe me, the world is full of people who say that they want to grow their business, but are unwilling to invest the time, money and emotional energy necessary to do so.

Which brings us to the sales E-book, "Sell Better! Second edition: How to grow your sales more rapidly and predictably by creating and refining a powerful sales system"

There are enough good ideas in that book, that, if you implement just a few of them, can transform your business. Just the title alone, "creating and refining a powerful sales system" is a radical thought for a lot of people.

For example, the chapter on Fundamental Sales Processes contains a paradigm-shifting concept that, just by itself, can radically change the way you see sales. Implement a couple of the ideas in that chapter, and you'll see your sales improve dramatically.

Our Sales System Assessment, an addendum to the book, will allow you to measure your sales system against the 24 standards we propose, and pinpoint exactly where you ought to focus first.

The chapter on measurements will equip you with principles, practices and tools that will help you keep your fingers on the pulse of your business, day by day.

The E-book is no substitute for me spending a week with you. And it's not the equivalent of one of my two or three day seminars. But, it will radically change your thinking about how to grow your business, will provide you a framework for creating a sales system, and will provide you enough good ideas about growing your business that will keep you busy for months as you implement those ideas.

Frankly, at $29.95, it's a bargain. That's less then you pay for lunches in a typical week.

Take the next step to growing your sales, rapidly and predictably, today. Don't let this one pass you by.

Buy it now!

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