Take Your Sales Performance Up a Notch
(Formerly "Six Hat Salesperson")

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Dave Kahle's book, "How to Take Your Sales Performance Up a Notch", describes critical sales skills developed in fundmental sales competencies.

Salespeople have always had a tough job. It just got tougher. In the last five years, selling has become unimaginably complex. Products are born and die within six months. Customers demand personalized attention. Service is critical to some, while price is the key factor for others. And then there's the Internet--how's a salesperson supposed to compete with that?

It seems salespeople need to possess important competencies (groups of sales skills) by being many different things to many different markets. This new book addresses this issue, and shows salespeople how they can adopt six different sales skills (a.k.a. "hats") for different selling situations. Based on the concept of "critical thinking," this powerful book provides salespeople with a comprehensive system for using just the right thought-strategy for each circumstance.

Readers get detailed information on how to best utilize these sales skills and "wear" each of the six hats:

    1. Astute Planner
    2. Trusted Friend
    3. Effective Consultant
    4. Skillful Influencer
    5. Adept Human Resource Manager
    6. Master Learner.

"This is a tremendous, step-by step approach to move sales faster and easier that you ever thought possible. Wow!"

Brian Tracy, author of Maixmum Achievement and Success is a Journey