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Unleashing Your Spiritual Gifts

Rationale: The Apostle Paul wrote to the first century Christians, "About Spiritual Gifts, brothers, I don't want you to be ignorant." But most of the 21st Century church is woefully uninformed about this most important subject. As a result, the church is not nearly as forceful and dynamic as it could be. And individual Christians lead lives that are far less fulfilling and meaningful then they could be. Dave shows that God has always worked through spiritual gifts, that every Christian has some latent spiritual gift within, and that Christians can discover and unleash those gifts. As a result, they can lead lives of greater impact and fulfillment. This material is available in three different formats.
  • As a 30 to 90 minute, large group presentation As a four to ten hour interactive workshop
  • As a ten week small group study.
The above mentioned study guide consists of a facilitator's guide for the person leading the study, and participant's guides for the individuals involved in the program. Assignments are made each week to read and respond to certain passages of scripture, and weekly two-hour discussions are held to discuss that week's material. Individuals are shown how to discover their gifts, and two self-surveys are included. The subject of each of the ten weeks is listed below.

Contains a facilitator's manual and one student guide. $20.00. Additional student guides are $5.00 each.
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One Introduction
Two Our need to do good works
Three God's provision for our need
Four Basic truths about spiritual gifts
Five Gifts categorized
Six Discovering your gift
Seven Unleashing your gift
eight Removing hindrances to the use of your gift
Nine How you can abuse your gift
Ten Developing an action plan


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