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What People are Saying about How to Excel at Distributor Sales

"I find this to be an outstanding piece of work. I not only intend to use it as a training manual for all new salespersons, but will send a copy to each existing member of our sales force and my son in college. The sections on time management and asking questions provide a tool that will be invaluable regardless of your profession. You have managed to sum up skills that I have learned over 20 years and to add new skills to that list."

James H. Norton, Vice President EMD Optima (industrial controls)

"Finally someone has written a book that I can truly recommend to every salesperson in the field. It's filled with excellent information that any salesperson-- from rookie to the seasoned professional--can use to increase his sales. The straight forward manner in which the material is presented makes it entertaining as well as informative. I'll make sure that every one of our salespeople adds this to his library."

Stephan W. Waltman, Vice President Sales & Marketing Stiles Machinery, Inc. (woodworking equipment)

"I am very excited about how this book can help distributor salespeople. There has been very little published material available targeted to the to-step selling process. I'm sure that by implementing recommendations in your book better performance will follow. In fact, I'd like to see everyone who sells for our distributors read this book. If they were to implement only 10% of the concepts in it, our sales would jump."

Don Burgess, Executive Vice President Taylor Door (manufacturer of doors)

"This book fills a major void. It's the only comprehensive book explaining the unique concepts and skills necessary for success in distribution sales. Every distributor salesperson ought to read it."

Peter D. Vander Ark, President J. Mollema & Son, Inc. (horticultural and turf supplies)

"You have excellent tips, not only for new sales reps but also for the experienced pros. I especially liked the answer to "What does a distributor sell?", in Chapter 8. Your tips on relationship selling and preparing the questions were also very valuable."

David J. Krulick, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Holcomb's (educational materials)

"Outstanding! At last, an easy to read handbook on how to become a master of distribution sales. Dave Kahle has provided the best 'How To' Book ever written on distributor sales.-- Jam packed with 'How To's that really work."

Timothy H. Cowan, Vice President Memphis Machinery & Supply Co. (industrial machinery)

"More good ideas per page than anything I've read before. The section on "controlling yourself" and "dealing with adversity" are what my people need. I'm going to encourage all of my salespeople to read it and study it."

Terry Sall, Vice President of Sales Thermo King Michigan, Inc. (trailer equipment)

"[the book] provided excellent insights and advice that we are using as we prepare for the future in a rapidly changing industry. This book will definitely be one of our salesforce's tools!"

Doug Lachniet, Director of Marketing Grand Rapids Sash & Door (millwork)

"This book covers new territory in distribution sales. I have never read anything so specific to our industry and to the kind of selling my people do. I can't wait to put this book in the hands of everyone of my sales people anyone who reads and follows through on the instruction this book offers can't help but increase sales."

Dale R. Fraaza, President Cargo Heavy Duty (truck and trailer parts)

"Finally,-- a book written by a sucessful distributor rep for other distributor reps. This is a hands on, by the numbers approach... a must read for new distributor reps-- equally good as a refresher for the more experienced representative. I'm buying a copy for each of my representatives."

Larry R. Palmer, Division Vice President Owens & Minor (hospital supplies)

"In over 30 years in business, I've never read anything more meaningful on this subject"

Larry Sauers, President Meier Metal Servicenters

  How to Excel at Distributor SalesHow to Excel at Distributor Sales - In the New Millennium

This book contains 293 pages of detailed, street smart strategies for the
salesperson who wants to prosper in the new economic environment.

This much-praised book is an absolute must for everyone of your
salespeople if you're serious about improving their performance.

Read an excerpt from the book.
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