Dave Kahle ranks Number 14 in the Time Management category for Global Gurus ranking 2020. 

11 Secrets of Time Management

“There are many time management books out there, and many about sales time management. But David Kahle’s book is specifically helpful to distributor sales reps working a territory in a fast-paced environment. Excellent stuff!” -Rolf Witt, Admar Supply Company

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11 Secrets of Time Management for Sales People! 

The best selling time management book for sales people of all time.  It has been translated, and is now being sold in: Complex Chinese, Simple Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Russion and Latin American Spanish. Now available in the second edition

The typical salesperson today is overwhelmed, trapped in a chaotic, pressure-filled environment with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Salespeople need help! This book provides it.

Dave Kahle contends that smart time management is not about cramming more activity into each hour; but about achieving greater results in that hour. The content has been honed in hundreds of seminars and refined by the perceptions and experiences of thousands of salespeople.

This book provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really work, including dozens of specific, practical, effective time management tips from salespeople who are on the “front lines” every day.

Every sales professional will benefit immensely from this book. Dave Kahle’s experience, wisdom, and knowledge will nurture your mind and grow your career. This is a winner.”  Nido R. Qubein – Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company & founder of the National Speakers Association Foundation

Time Management has got to be a key issue for salespeople. What a timely book and a useful tool. Well done to Dave Kahle, one of the foremost leaders in sales trends for distributors.
Paul Cherry – Progressive Business Solutions

This book gave me the framework to develop a sales system, the first step in taking me up-a-notch.
Joshua Roley – Regional VP, Expert Medical Transcription

This is the first ever book I have read on Time Management specifically for sales people. A timely book for an underrepresented and needed topic in sales…TIME MANAGEMENT”
Art Baker, Marketing Specialties

“Each chapter was filled with practical and insightful tools that I could use immediately to achieve more in my sales career.”
Scott Vanderveein, Account Executive, ABS Graphics

“Dave Kahle gives a lot of useful information in a short easy-to- read format. I just started a sales job in a new industry and it was a great refresher course in setting priorities.
Jo Anne Alexander

“This book is a powerful tool. There are many tools out there that profess to help you to set and achieve your goals, however, they lose credibility when it comes to planning and putting the plan into action. This book actually contains executable steps that, when followed, provide the missing link to the execution of your plan. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. Get it and then get on with it. You will be glad.” – Wayne Perreault

“Wow. I have made up the time it took me to read “10 Secrets of Time Management….”. This book cuts to the chase and gets you doing what you need to do. I passed mine on to my regional manager and he has read it and passed it on to the next level. I’m already seeing results in my time and the time that is requested of me from the region and corporate people. This is an absolute must read even for long time sales people. Thanks  – Robert Montgomery

“Dave Kahle is one of the best writers on selling skills on the country. While there have been enumerable books written on time management, this is the best one I’ve seen on time management techniques that are of direct and immediate value to someone in sales. Best of all, while most people read books on time management, few ever put the information to work…Dave makes it simple enough that readers are much more likely to implement his suggestions. Highly recommended!” –Bill Wilson, Hendersonville, TN