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The Heart of a Christian Sales Person

“Being a Christian sales person is going to be tricky.”

That’s what I thought as I entered my first professional sales position. In retrospect, my life as a Christian sales person was confusing, gut-wrenchingly difficult, frustrating and wonderfully rewarding. I dealt with questions that you may also face:

– How do I balance the need to get results with the Christian ethic of leaving the outcomes to Christ?

Deeply honest, transparent and courageous. The lessons of what one man can do for his family, his business and our God if we will just earnestly seek God and let Him work in our lives. ~ Christopher Morrissette

– How and when do I voice my beliefs on the job, when my employer is not paying me to do that?– Where do I go for support and encouragement in a church where I’m seen as a second class citizen?

It was a pleasure to have read The Heart of a Christian Salesperson and to see the evolution of Dave Kahle. Kahle uses his ability to pare down personal experience into usable, practical life lessons; some sales related and some from his Christian walk. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the on paper the travails of a young salesperson into a mature man of God who uses his sales skills to further his walk with God and his ministry with other believers. The book is a short read and well worth the time. I intend to recommend it to my fellow sales brethren, both Christian and non-Christian alike. ~ Dave Whitis

– How do I maintain my Christian ethics inside a company that supports just the opposite?– How do I maintain my perspective when some of the professional Christians around me are so much more manipulative and deceitful than any secular acquaintance?

Having used Dave Kahle’s excellent sales training materials at our company for many years, I’ve always been a fan of his. I regret never having had a chance to meet Dave, but after reading this book, I now feel that I know him on a personal basis. Over 40 years ago, after backing into a technical sales career as a young Christian because my father desperately needed a traveling salesman for the company he founded, I often felt that I should have answered a “higher calling.” Dave also had his struggles in that area and through his own story, he shows that Christianity and sales success can (and should) go together. In fact, sales can be the special ministry to which you are called and a role which you alone can fulfill. ~ Tom Snow, CEO, T. J. Snow Company, Chattanooga, TN

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