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What people are saying about Dave Kahle
We realize that taking your salespeople off the street for a full day seminar can be a high-risk decision on your part. One way to reduce the risk is to see what other people have experienced with the speaker that you are considering. In that spirit, we offer these excerpts from some of the letters of recommendation we have received from meeting planners, CEOs, and sales managers from all over the world. If you like a copy of the original letter, just ask for it by number, and we’ll fax it to you.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row]

Sales Systems Consulting Quotes

#140. “The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. In the first full year, the program has been responsible for generating $5,000,000 in new sales and acquiring 658 new customers…Dave has been invaluable to us, one of the best investments we have made.”
Garry L. Miller, Sales Manager Crystal Flash, Inc.

#10. “Despite a lack of growth in the newspaper industry we serve, with Dave’s help we were able to achieve an 11% increase in sales over last year. Margins are up, sales costs are down, and I’ve noticed a new sparkle of enthusiasm among our sales people.”
J.C. Huizenga, President American Litho, Inc.

#7. “Granted, we are only four months into our new program, but the results are astonishing…sales are up 79% and to go along with that, our cost of sales is down 9,1% and individual margins are up over 1%.”
Coby Martin, President D.C. Martin & Sons Scales, Inc.

#95. “I appreciated the fact that you came in with a plan on how to improve our sales skills and then you proceeded to execute it. I was pleased with how much you were able to personalize the presentation to our type of enterprise and how well you got to know the participants. I have just seen our year end report. Our sales were up 12% from a year ago. I want you to know that your work played a pivotal role in the increase.”
James Roskam Farmer’s Co-Operative Elevator Co.

#3. “You have been prompt, professional and constructive in challenging and helping us exceed our new business goals. The techniques that you taught us have helped us save time and build our business…Our loan business is growing above business plan at 6.6%. I recommend you to others who have similar needs to grow and would be happy to visit with those who wish to call me.”
Carl E. Jessen, CEO Farm Credit Services of West Michigan, ACA

#8. “Without a doubt, you far exceeded all our expectations! Your material was exactly what our people needed to help them transform themselves into the kind of sales people we need if we’re going to succeed in the next few years. I still can’t get over the fact that you were able to keep 40 people interested, attentive and positive for a full eight hours. Especially in light of the fact that many were not really excited about coming to the seminar to begin with.”
Ralph Rottenburg, Executive Vice President Commerce Corporation

#89. “…we improved customer service, increased sales 18%, reduced sales/operating costs by several percentage points, and found efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line.”
Gordon Vandermeulen, President Great Lakes Fasteners & Supply

#91. “…When you signed on with us in February, our monthly sales figures were $6,591.00…our September figures were $39,799.91…Thank you.”
Steve Daughtery, President MTE

#23. “Our results have been astounding…we had the following increases in sales:
March 18.4% April 13.7% May 14.2% June 10.1% July 19.0% August 15.4%

Obviously, we are very pleased with Dave’s work and strongly recommend him to any business wishing to improve its sales performance.”Robert Buffam, President Van Hoeck’s Shoes, Inc.

#90. “…in fact, we went from 0-60 in just 30 days. Followed by even more success. Once one of the staff members that attended the workshops said, ‘he made it so easy to say the right things, I could use what we learned right away. Personally, I’ve had an opportunity to use the knowledge in a non-work related setting, and it worked wonders.’ Simply put, we are very pleased.”
Arlene Brandt St. Mary’s Health Services

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#87. “Dave analyzed the key area of our company structure, pinpointing our strengths and weaknesses, making recommendation and an action plan to help us in our weak areas. I was very pleased with Dave’s work and considered his report very helpful in steering our company in the right direction. I would heartily recommend him as an objective outside source of information and direction.”
Scott F. Gilmore, Principal S.F. Gilmore Furniture, Inc.

#81. “We found your firm to be very skilled and adept in both business issues and the interpersonal dynamics which we were facing. Your were very direct in focusing on our agenda without being overt or forceful…We would be happy to recommend your firm to anyone interested in receiving assistance in the field of Sales/Marketing Management.”
Marlin J. Feyen, Principal Feyen-Zylstra Electric, Inc.

#77. “The process by which you developed an understanding of our requirements was impressive. The experience and knowledge with which you developed your findings was invaluable,…Your professionalism and integrity was evident throughout the entire process. I am looking forward to making further use of your services, and am also recommending to several of my colleagues that they would benefit from your ideas.”
James L Borton, President Culligan, Inc.

#71. “Mr. David Kahle brought to my company it’s first quantum leap into serious business planning…We recommend David Kahle as a team member for any company desiring growth and control.”
Michael A. VanderWall, Principal Michael A. VanderWall Advertising Design

#68. “Dave has successfully worked with our sales staffs, as well as those of our sister companies during the past several years. His experience, professionalism, expertise, style and delivery are outstanding and effective.”
Doug Griffith, V.P.- Marketing Hager Distribution

#22. “We have found Mr. Kahle and his company to be very qualified…and have been very satisfied with his performance…I feel comfortable in recommending the DaCo Corporation to you..”
Randy Van Manen, Principal Van Manen Oil Co.

#24. “Although initially defensive about your findings, we have since discovered how accurate your assessment of our field operations and market challenges has been. Your recommendations have almost totally been accepted as foundational to future growth…we look forward to a continued partnership.”
John Knight, Director of Marketing Bethany Christian Services

#26. “Dave Kahle through his firm, The DaCo Corporation, has been one of the consultants we have used most frequently. Dave’s work is always very thorough and professional. Particularly his recommendations in the area of sales and marketing strategies have been astute, creative, and practical. I have no doubt when bringing Dave into a situation that his work will result in action steps and clear direction for the client. I enthusiastically recommend him for any sales and marketing consultation.”
Jack Brothers, Business Development Coordinator Michigan’s Growth Margin Program

#27. “As a result, we are now far more effective in our sales and marketing efforts. There is a new spirit of optimism throughout the organization, and several of our professionals are making regular sales calls. In a maturing and more competitive market, we are growing and gaining new clients and new business. We attribute much of this success to Dave’s efforts, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their business.”
Joseph W. Berlin, P.E., Director of Engineeringbr BDLI

#41. “Your timely response and quick assessment of our dilemma gave us the direction needed. The program has put us in touch with approximately 1000 new prospects who have agreed to find out about us. Additionally we have quoted our products to roughly 5% of these prospects. Your direction has been worth the time and money spent.”
Stuart H. Johnson, President Bosh Material Handling

#96. “I am delighted to write this letter of reference for Dave Kahle…The marketing plans Dave developed are well designed, clear and direct, cost efficient and easy to ‘own’. We are very pleased with the quality of his work.”
Marsha Zandbergen, Chief Executive Officer Hospice of Western Michigan, Inc

About our Customized Training Seminars…

#215  “I wanted to express my thanks with the excellent presentation of “Taking Your Performance Up a Notch.” The customization and preparation was well organized. Several people remarked that they liked Dave’s way of making sales tasks simpler. Dave explained things that made insurmountable problems seem manageable. Dave’s presentation was eye-opening, useful, refreshing, energizing, valuable and well received.  I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.”
Scott Knowles, President Wolf Creek Distribution

#216  “I want to express my pleasure with your presentation “Taking Your Sales Performance Up-a-Notch.”  The program was well organized and addressed the needs of the group.  The hand-out was very helpful and the hands-on portion really got everyone involved. The best thing that the participants gained from the program was:  how to ask questions, delegate their time, and work on important things.  The information was very practical and could be used immediately.  The only area I would recommend changing would be to extend the time for the program.  Thank you for taking the time to be with us and play a vital role at our meeting.I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.”
Mike Rabe Kendall Electric

#218 “This letter is to acknowledge the excellent presentation of “Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone”.  Your presentation was well organized and your style kept everyone involved.  Most participants noted that the tools you presented were great and had immediate practical use.  Some “obvious” points you covered were not so obvious (i.e. when you ask a question, it makes them think of an answer…”) and even when people knew the concepts you presented, it was widely noted that you reminded us of the value of those concepts. Our high expectations for the presentation were met.  Everyone gained practical ideas that they could implement immediately.  Overall, we felt the presentation was energizing, insightful, focused and easily applied. I would highly recommend you to other groups and hope to have you speak again in the future.”  Roz Ben-Chitrit Avery Dennison

 #222  “Dave’s program specifically addressed our expressed needs.  Our members were clearly engaged in the presentation and thinking about the issues Dave raised.  The best thing that the members gained from the program was a new perspective on selling.  I am confident that Dave changed the sales approach of many in attendance.  Comments included; “Excellent speaker” and “I learned a lot.”I believe Dave was the best speaker we have ever had.  I am eager to recommend him to anyone, especially any other NKBA Chapter. “
Tom Dotry Doty Forster Enterprises

 #223  “As you know, Continental Packaging Solutions retained The DaCo Corporation for the purpose of professional sales training on December 5th.  We have used you and several of your sales training resources before.  I want to express how much we appreciated your half-day presentation, which was shaped for our situation.  Your presentation and materials matched our highest expectations by fitting the needs of our sales management and front-line sales force.  This included the techniques for creating dissatisfaction, and information that was practical, relevant, engaging and useful. You are an excellent speaker and deal with seasoned and less seasoned sales personnel with equal effectiveness.  I appreciated your review of the essential concepts of effective sales from an easy to understand perspective. I would definitely recommend The DaCo Corporation and its sales training resources for any business in any kind of situation requiring professional sales education.”
Jon Koeble Vice President Continental Packaging Solutions

#226 “I am pleased to tell you how well the January 30, 2007 program went, and how well it was received. As I recall, you were given a standing ovation by our 50 member sales force. I don’t think we knew exactly what to expect, but we sure were happy with the results. This was the most intense sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of our sales staff was excellent. You addressed our expressed needs, provided valuable support material, did a great job of keeping everyone engaged, and everyone’s comments were very positive. Among the best things we gained was the strategy for better analyzing territories and clients into priority groups – ABC; and how dealing with different personalities is as important as dealing with different product requirements. We now have a great foundation from which to work. I appreciate your help in constructing it and will recommend you to others. In the future, we will think of you first as our training partner.”

Allen Gage Vice PResident of Sales and Marketing TRI-WEST, LTD.

 #224 “I am pleased to say that we were very happy with the full day session that you presented to S.B. Simpson’s sales force.  The response of our thirty-four salespeople and sales managers was extremely positive.  Several of them specifically commented on the relevance of the material and that it was refreshing to hear a speaker that actually understood the challenges that we face in our specific industry. Your content was relevant and your delivery was credible.  You really helped our people focus on the importance of moving customers to partner status, which is a key tenet of our sales strategy.  I personally appreciated your emphasis on everyone planning their use of time and focusing on identifying and converting the potential within their territories. I will be recommending you to others — excluding our competition, of course!”
Scott Simpson Vice President

 #181. “I wanted to thank you for your work with the sales staff of China Mist Tea Company. Your presentation provided practical ideas that could be put into practice with ease. It wasn’t so much clever tips and tactics that we appreciated, but your emphasis on the often lacked framework of qualifying customer and system of evaluate one’s business success. You brought home the fact that you must analyze business practices for success – best practices must be implemented in a sales staff. You hit the nail on the head Dave, expressing the needs of the group and keeping people involved in the process. Thanks.”
John Martinson, President & Cheif Imagination Officer China Mist Tea Company

#186. “Dave Kahle’s presentation was excellent. It was very well prepared, easy to grasp, addressed the needs I had expressed to him in advance, and kept everyone involved. I wouldn’t change anything. On his evaluation, I rated Dave highest in virtually every category. His coaching style allowed each of our salespeople to develop their own effective questions for clients instead of simply repeating his suggested questions. Probably the most valuable aspect of Dave’s visit with us was the clear and strong insight into the importance of planning for the best use of out time and how that relates to sales success. I would hire Dave Kahle again and I would strongly recommend him to any sales training.”
Tony Fidler, Sales Manager Superior Implement Supply Company

 #183. “Thank you for an excellent presentation at out National Sales Meeting. I have read a couple of your books and subscribe to your newsletter so I had high expectations for the presentation. You exceeded my expectations; your presentation was on point and very timely for what our 50 sales reps needed to hear. I had many positive comments from our sales force regarding both the content of your presentation and the high energy interactive presentation style. In the weeks since the presentation I have had several sales reps credit the information you presented when sharing success stories with me. We have used your presentation as a platform to build in 2004 as we ask our reps to be much more proactive about planning how they need to spend their valuable sales time. I know that this will have a positive impact on our business in the future. We look forward to bringing you back to a future National Sales Meeting.”
Dave Bartholomew, Vice President Sales & Marketing Lancaster

 #184. “I recently hired Dave Kahle to make an important presentation to fifty of our sales and marketing managers and field district managers and he didn’t disappoint us. Dave responded to my expressed needs and mentally engaged all the participants. His materials presentation and enthusiastic delivery made a superb and refreshing session. I saw that the insightful, practical and through suggestions he made were implemented immediately, and I could tell that Dave enabled the group to think differently. I’ve already referred him to one of my peers. If your company is looking for someone to help keep your sales staff skills high and effective, I would strongly recommend that you call Dave Kahle.”
Christine R. Shemas, NAFTA Sales Manager Roadranger Marketing (Eaton Corporation – Aftermarket Division)

 #185. “I hired Dave Kahle to so a seminar for our thirty-five salespeople. I asked Dave to help us be more focused and prepared, and to better overcome objections and close deals. When I completed Dave’s post seminar evaluation, I was pleased to rate him at the highest levels for most areas of his presentation. One of the best things we gained was the ability to be better prepared and the ability to ask pertinent questions. Other managers and I found that specific advice helpful as we moderated customer breakout sessions at a recent business conference. One of the biggest assets Dave Kahle brought to our sales team was the fact that he is “one of us”. He understands what we go through every day as distributor salespeople, and he addressed those issues. If I were to summarize his presentation in five words, it would be that Dave was “well prepared, concise, and relevant” – just what I want our people to be to our customers. I recommended Dave to our senior sales and product management and I would recommend him for any sales training or sales management needs. I think he can bring creative insights to any strategic business situation, and be especially helpful for distributors.”
Scott Wyatt, Field Sales Manager Huttig Building Products

 #193. “We selected Dave Kahle to do an annual sales kick-off for our salespeople and managers, because of his outstanding reputation, and his industry experience and knowledge. Dave’s emphasis on client relationships and on “asking the right questions, and answering with solutions” was excellent. During the three-day sales meeting, Dave’s half day session was rated as ‘most valuable’ by the majority of participants. Remarks I heard after Dave’s session were:
  • Where can I get his book?
  • This is what we have to focus on.
  • Very practical and motivational.
  • This is the stuff that makes a salesperson.
  • Excellent selling strategies.
  • Best time spent in training.
  • Good!

This was a constructive way to begin the New Year, and I would strongly recommend Dave Kahle for any sales event or sales training.”
John Pirner, VP of Business Development Power/Mation

#161. “This is to thank you for helping I.D.A. to produce another winner in our 2002 Spring Workshop series titled “Taking Your Performance Up-A-Notch”. We had over 400 attendees in over 10 locations, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You have led this “road show” for I.D.A. before, and your performance just keeps getting better!… AN I.D.A. member told me that he sent three veteran salesmen to one of the Spring Workshops. They went, expecting that after over 30 years in the business, there was nothing new they could learn. They came back excited and inspired with new ideas to implement. What better endorsement could there be for this program?”
Gary L. Buffington, Executive Vice President Industrial Distribution Association

 #157. “The comments I received from attendees were amazing. Never have we sent a group of people to any kind of seminar or training session and received such an overwhelming positive feedback. Everyone appreciated the solid “how to do it” session rather than a presentation of concepts. As one of our people said,”he’s not just giving us the meat and potatoes, but also the fork to eat them with.” The second part of the session for managers was also excellent. Following up with the sales people is critical to successfully implementing the things they learned from you. Providing our managers with a set of tools will have a huge impact on our long-term success. We look forward to working with you again to introduce more of our sales people to the rock solid guidelines for success you shared with us last week.”
Tom Berger, President Fuchs Machinery

#173. “Dave, you scored above average in almost all categories. The evaluations from the participants in your course were exceptionally high as related to your expertise in sales, communication skills, and your quality of visual aids and case work. One of the General Manager’s that attended stated: “The bast course of the four-day program! Great!” Even beyond the evaluations, there was a buzz in the halls after your presentation that you provided a “go-to” source for quality presentations and spoke as an expert.”
Jay A. Smith, Jr., Alabama Eminent Scholar of Industrial Distribution and holder of the Ben S. Weil Endowed Chair The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Business

#164. “I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your recent presentation to our sales force. The seminar was excellent! You really kept everyone engaged with you through out the entire seminar, even some of our very experienced reps. Every one gained practical ideas that they can implement immediately, and felt that you really understand our industry and know sales. Frankly, you were the best presenter we have ever had!”
Jonathan Mize, Sr. Vice President – Sales & Marketing Blish-Mize

 #168. “Dave did an extensive pre-program analysis which included a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our sales people. He designed and presented a full-day program based on that. Dave’s presentation style was remarkable in that he kept our experienced sales force mentally engaged for the entire day. Every one of them has since remarked about the things they learned. Dave opened our eyes to different ways of looking at things, held our attention with topics that impacted out day-to-day efforts, and even the options of some of our more seasoned people by 180 degrees. It was an excellent seminar, and time very will spent. We recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Ed Moss, Sales Manager R.V. Evans Company

 #9. “Many thanks for the seminar…Our people have put many of the ideas to use already, and are getting results.”
Don McKinnie, Mgr. Education Sales Division Holcomb’s

#82. “The presentation you made at our annual sales meeting was the most refreshing and basic formula for outside sales success I have ever witnessed. It was beneficial to new and old representatives alike. Not a lot of fluff: Just roll up your sleeves and do it this way to be successful…I would recommend this session to any sales group.”
Larry P.Carlson, President Fitzpatrick Electric Supply Company


#174. “Dave Kahle was the facilitator at our Strategic Planning Retreat in January 2003 and he did an awesome job for us. He spent a great deal of time marking certain that we had good input from all of the participants. He also spent a good deal of time making sure that there was consensus of opinion as the plan was developed. I believe that we ended up with one of the finest plans that we have had in recent years”
Judy Barnes, CAE, Executive Vice President Home & Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids

 #79. “Your presentation on ‘Time & Territory Management’ at our annual sales meeting was exactly what our people needed. I have sat through a lot of seminars in the past, but this one really hit home.”
Robert C. Hagmeyer, Executive Vice President Grand Rapids Sash & Door Co.

#123. “Overall I was very pleased with the [time management] seminar and especially the effects. I note that most everyone is utilizing these concepts in planning their territories…Thanks again for an excellent job…”
Sydney F. Reames, Vice President of Sales & Marketing SAFT, Industrial Battery Division

#117. “Your energy and presentation style got instant and sustained interest and involvement from even the most jaded and seasoned of our sales representatives…We have had a number of motivational and/or thought provoking sales speakers but your having been called the growth coach is an understatement…You are the best investment we have made in our futures in some time.”Gay Peeples, Director of Commercial Products Igloo Products Corp.

  #114. “We truly benefited from the way you tailored the program to actually address our issues…The value in this session outweighed many 3 day seminars that I have attended. You approach gave us practical skills that I have already implemented and I have experienced positive results.”
Lisa Anderson, Area Manager Dexter Corporation, Polymer Systems

 #139. “Thank you for a reality based useable information set that we can put to work right away. We have already begun to use of the information you presented.”Bob Othmer, President Enerco Corporation

 #144. “The seminars were an overwhelming success: Both salespeople and branch managers universally reported gaining good, practical ideas that they could implement immediately. Dave’s presentation style is engaging and motivating, and his content will make a difference in the performance of the attendees.”
Rick Postoll SCP Pool Corporation

#5. “…we are seeing excellent results. Our sales people are more confident and better prepared when talking to customers, and our parts sales have increased since the classes were held.”
Ken Windes, Manager/Customer Service Dept. E.W. Bliss Company

#6. “…thanks again for a great seminar at our recent sales conference. Our entire sales force including field sales representatives, special market account managers and telemarketers felt that your seminar was the hit of the sales conference. I would recommend your seminar to any sales organization…”Randy Scott, Vice President Divisional Director Chariot Family Publishing

 #141. “Dave…executed the presentation in an upbeat and entertaining fashion, which our sales team appreciated. The content was pertinent to all of our sales people even thou we have three separate divisions operating with one company. From our perspective, the session was worth the investment.”
Bob Brennan, Sales Manager Keller Supply Company

 #4. “…your program, ‘Smart Selling Strategies for the Information Age’ was terrific! Your presentation materials and interactive presentation style was extremely well received by all. I have seen positive changes in sales behavior and attitudes in our organization already. This series was by far the best in-house training session we have ever had. Dave, if you can show a group of bankers how to be better sales people, you can do anything.”
Patrick Barbour, VP- Director of Marketing Grand Bank, Inc.

#12. “I wanted to personally thank you for an outstanding one day seminar on ‘Distributor Management Issues’…The subject matter you covered was both current and relevant for all of our attendees…With 4.0 representing excellent, you received a score of 3.5 on both sessions! I would highly recommend your seminar…”
Michael J. Cichon, Program Manager Dexter Aerospace Materials Division

 #15. “Thank you for an excellent job. The presentation, ‘Sales Power for the Non-Salesperson’ was a good jump start…After participating in your presentation, there is a sense of confidence and enthusiasm with our staff…”
Denise K. Heskett-Al Kharusy, Director of Marketing KDF

#16. “Everyone thought your ‘Turbulent Times’ section was an insightful analysis of the changes and pressures affecting our company and our customers…your program was a success – an excellent way to round off the meeting…We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”
Christian Aumond, VP, Marketing PrePress Systems Agfa Division of Miles, Inc.

 #152. “I recommend your training to any organization who is interested in ensuring that their sales people are spending the majority of their time and energy on those key accounts and activities that make the best business sense to both the client and selling organization…we saw [your program] as highly beneficial to our training program, and an asset for our group’s on-going success…”
Amy Marsalis, Learning Director NCR, Systemedia

 #17. “Thank you for presenting…’Transforming Your Salesforce for the 21st Century’…the group left not only with the new information they gained from you, but also with a better understanding and appreciation for each other.”
Jennifer Mesler, Human Resources Generalist ODL

 #116. “Management and sales staff both had excellent comments on Dave’s presentation. We would highly recommend him to anyone.”
Jay Batema, Sales Manager Metric Fasteners Corporation

 #109. “Your presentation was excellent. It was educational as well as motivating…I would certainly recommend you…”
Rick Rivard, Corporate Director/Marketing & Sales Meier Metal Servicenters

 #104. “Dave’s…Time Management program has helped us in many ways…This program gives new perspectives and hands-on tools for each salesperson to use in analyzing territories and potential. These are practical tools that we will use on an ongoing basis.”
Douglas Lachniet, VP Sales & Marketing GR Sash & Door

 #103. “Thank you for an outstanding presentation…The tools and planning exercises you provided will enable our sales people to expect success rather than just hope for it. You have given our sales force an enthusiastic send-off…”
Gary Vitale, Vice President Hager Distribution

  #102. “Your program on Distributor Strategies for the Information age was excellent. The content was extremely timely and well received by everyone who attended. Your information was insightful and your presentation was inspiring.”
Doug Phillips Dexter Electronic Materials Division

 #94. “David’s presentation is well-organized and Sesame Street clear…the bottom line is the best teacher is one who has done it himself and succeeded at the subject matter he now imparts. I think you will be pleased if you choose David to lead your upcoming conference.”
Doug Honholt, Executive Vice President Universal Forest Products

 #93. “Thank you for presenting an excellent sales workshop for our people…the feedback has been tremendous. Several of us have mentioned that we should consider having you back next year for a follow-up presentation. That’s just about the nicest compliment you can receive…”
Don Colizzi, Senior Vice President & Dean Davenport College

 #92. “I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job…Your style is clearly different. There is credibility. Through knowledge, experience, and unstoppable enthusiasm, you offer a keen perception on today’s business reality. Let me know if I can recommend you personally to any prospective clients.”
Theresa Joseph, Corporate Training Coordinator Rapid Design Service, Inc.

 #86. “Everyone involved in the program responded positively to it, from the 60 sales people in attendance to our senior management who sat in on the session. Dave presented material that was extremely practical and very specific to our business. We were particularly impressed with Dave’s straightforward approach, and the amount of substance (instead of fluff) in his presentation. He obviously understands the problems and opportunities faced by our sales people. The program was a great success and we would recommend it to any organization that is serious bout improving the productivity of its sales force.”
Dirk Tepp, Sales manager Fitzpatrick Electric Supply Co.

 #83. “We found Dave’s customized presentation of ‘Sales Techniques for the Non-Sales person’ to be exactly what we needed. Dave’s work was thorough and exciting and brought about some excellent results. We’d strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve the performance of their sales and non-sales people.”
Joseph G. Mierendorf, Jr., CPA Mierendorf and Co., P.C.

 #80. “[Dave’s] presentation was well received by our reps and the manufacturer reps alike. As a result, we are experiencing more productive work days with the manufacturer reps.”
Joe Patane, Vice President of Sales P. B. Gast & Sons, Company

 #179. “You were wonderful in your presentation to our staff… You bring home the practical, useable ideas that we need to hear… Thank you for not only your content, but your personal interaction as well.”
Jean Jansma Peters Imports

 #180. “I wanted to thank you for your work with the sales staff of China Mist Tea Company. Your presentation provided practical ideas they could be put into practice with ease… You hit the nail on the head Dave, expressing the needs of the group and keeping people involved in the process. Thanks.”
John Martinson, President & Chief Imagination Officer China Mist Tea Company

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Keynote Seminar Quotes

#113. “Your workshop on ‘How to Become a Master of Distributor Sales’ was one of our highest rated programs. The speaker evaluations we received after your presentation were glowing…I’d recommend you to any association.”
Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager National School Supply & Equipment Association

#1. “The two day seminar ‘How to Become a Master of Distribution Sales’ was a big hit…You offered a lot of ‘meat’ in your presentation, and the delegates seemed to relate very well with you…”
Frank Brown, Executive Vice President WMDA

#2. “Your material, preparation, and enthusiastic delivery made for a superb session.”

Timothy H. Cowan, President Memphis Machinery & Supply Co.

#107. “We would like to thank you for speaking to our members…Our members were very pleased with the information presented by you on ‘How to Create a Win/win Sales Compensation Plan.'”
Mariann B. Gregory, Executive Director NAFCD

#98. “Overall, the seminar was a great success! The vast majority of the comments that we received were positive and enthusiastic.”
Paula Weber, Program Coordinator Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

#74. “What a bargain your training is! They say that if you get one good idea out of a program then it was worth the ticket price. It literally paid for itself the first day I started using it. I’ve looked at many maps and diagrams, but this is the first time I ever saw one that would change my life.”
Charlie Mountz, Salesperson Taro Systems, Inc

We listen!

We’ll listen to understand your situation, budget and logistics, and put together a plan that may incorporate live presentations, video webinars, on-line training, quizzes, exams and certifications. Call us or use the Email Us link!

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