Christian Business Impact Groups

We are a band of Christian business and professional people who come together under a professional facilitator to have a greater impact for the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.  We focus on growing our businesses, expanding our professional impact, growing as individuals, and maturing spiritually.

We come together for four hours once a month, via video technology, and discuss and apply a monthly lesson, deal with each other’s problems, issues, ideas and questions, hold each other accountable, and help and encourage each other.

As result, we

Grow closer to God

*  Create a unique set of supportive relationships

Impact our employees, vendors and customers more significantly

*  Lead our families more effectively.

*  Run better businesses.

*  Develop businesses and careers which impact people and bring glory to God.

We are independent, non-denominational, and are not a part of any institutional church effort.

Membership is limited and by invitation only.

To qualify for membership, you must: 

        Be a committed disciple of Christ,

        Commit to making a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace.    

        Be willing to learn and share.

        Hold a significant position in the business world:

                 *  Head an organization or a portion of one.  Or
                 *  Have significant influence on a group of people.

        Be willing to invest time and money in the process.