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How to Kreate Kahle’s Kalculation is a free download containing the instructions for measuring the productivity of every sales person and every aspect of your sales system.  Includes a sample spreadsheet.

Learning List – Onboarding

A new management tool to help you onboard new employees with ease, while taking your organization’s ability to learn to a higher level. Also contains a template for our proprietary tool – a learning list.

Distributor Sales People

Download the Free E-book, Five Mistakes Distributor Sales People Make, and How to Correct Them

Turbulent Times E-book

Discusses the extent to which we need a new set of practices to survive and thrive in these turbulent times and articulates those practices.

Christian Sales Person’s Manifesto

This is a short set of affirmations to keep a Christian sales person focused. 


Handling Objections Workbook

For salespeople: An interactive workbook that takes the reader through a series of exercises to help him/her build responses to the most commonly held objections.


Treat yourself to a weekly dose of inspiration, education and motivation!

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A series of three short videos designed to provide the basics for building your own sales system.

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