Institutional Church book cover

Is the Institutional Church Really the Church?

In the last 20 years, the institutional church in the U.S. has spent more than $530 Billion. The percentage of Christians has not increased one percentage point, and the culture has gone from pro-Christian to anti-Christian.

It’s time someone asked some questions. In this book, Dave Kahle does.

This book will cause you to question beliefs that you once thought were sacrosanct, and may even prompt you to move toward reestablishing Biblical Christianity in your life, your family and in America.

The title of this book, “Is the Institutional Church Really the Church?” is as necessary as it is challenging! It is necessary, because it touches on the heart of the Father for His Son’s bride. It is challenging, because Dave is touching on the ultimate sacred cow. It is as if this is a question we dare not ask, because even the asking appears to be almost blasphemous. But ask it we must because if we don’t ask good questions, we can never get down to the vital answers that we need to hear. For too long we have accepted the lame excuse, “But nothing is perfect.” This book brings to mind Einstein’s famous comment that it is unlikely that the thinking that gets us into a mess is likely to be up to the task of getting us out of the mess.” We need new thinking, and this book is timely for its challenge, and for its prophetic willingness to point out some Biblical and practical ways forward. It really is time to stop going to church and instead start being the Church.- Dr. Tony Dale, Author and Businessman

Dave Kahle has authored a powerful and provocative work in this book. It will no doubt ruffle some feathers- but we must pay attention to the core things he addresses. Any company or organization that has lost its momentum and has seen its “market share” reduced must look itself squarely in the mirror and ask some tough questions. That is exactly what Kahle’s book does. The “institutional church” is rapidly losing its impact in our culture, and we must ask ourselves if we should continue down our current path as followers of Jesus. What is the problem? What can and must be done? I encourage every follower of Christ desiring to make a radical impact on our culture read this book.  –Ray Hilbert, CEO Truth@Work