Question your way to sales success
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Question Your Way to Sales Success 

Gain the Competitive Edge and Learn how to Ask Good Sales Questions

How can a salesperson gain better results from every sales call? By mastering the art of asking questions.

A good question is the salesperson’s single most powerful tool, one that can be powerfully used in every stage of the sales process, from making appointments to closing the sale to following up afterwards; yet, most salespeople are ill-equipped to use this powerful tool effectively. As a result, they find themselves dealing with “price” issues, and wondering why the customer purchased from someone else.

Dave Kahle’s latest book, Question Your Way to Sales Success, is a must-have for every sales professional and sales manager. After reading the book, distributing it to my team, and implementing his method, we have noticed a faster process to get to the decision making stage of the sales cycle. This book outlines the sales process and what questions to ask at what time to gain greater insight into uncovering the real reasons companies make purchasing decisions. In this time of constant price objections, using Dave’s techniques allow us to develop more meaningful partnerships by truly understanding our customer’s needs.– Michael G. Sauders, Vice President, Winwholesale,Inc.

This Book Will Help You:

Transform the way salespeople think and operate by offering specific, practical advice on ” how to ask good sales questions.” A powerfully asked question…

  • Is your primary tool for collecting deeper and more detailed information about your customer.
  • Can make your customer think about what you want him or her to think about.
  • Is an effective tool to create the perception of your competence in your customer’s mind.
  • Is your primary tool for gaining agreement from your customer.

Learn how to use the techniques that separate the superstar salespeople from the mediocre. Every aspect of your sales process will become more effective as you understand:

  • The unrecognized, ultimate power behind a good sales question.
  • How to analyze the language in a question to make sure it serves your purposes.
  • How to create better sale questions with a foolproof, step-by-step process.
  • The subtle techniques that allow you to deliver a question more effectively than ever.

Kahle analyzes hundreds of real questions, developed by real salespeople, to provide you with practical and realistic information. Your sales strategy will never be the same again…and neither will your results!

Your book Question Your Way to Sales Success was a turning point for me in my career about 5 years ago. I’ve since received your newsletters and continued to practice the fundamentals I learned from your book. As of January I am now in a leadership role and have 15 individuals that I’m coaching and responsible for. I’m going to share your book with the team – Andrea Kraft, Director of Programming, The Balancing Act. LLC

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