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Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century

Thoroughly describes key initiatives to stimulate the development of a sales force
into a highly productive unit for the 21st Century.

Distribution companies, by their nature, should be sales-oriented companies. But, most distributors don’t do sales very well. That’s the premise behind this new book.

The book, written for sales managers and executives in the distribution industry, provides a blue print for executives to transform their sales forces into highly directable, effective, focused performers.

The book begins with an analysis of current conditions that pressure the distributor to revise the way he/she thinks about his sales force. Kahle then paints a picture of the distributor sales force of the future. The sales force will be:

  1. more specialized 
  2. more directable 
  3. more flexible 
  4. more professional
  5. more productive.

His advice begins with “See it as a system,” a concept that is based on one of the key principles for the book, “When you change the structure, you change the behavior of the people who work within that structure.”

Kahle then draws on his 30 years of experience in working with sales people and distributors to articulate the ten highest potential initiatives for distribution companies. Each is described in a down-to-earth, easily understood style that makes it easy to implement.

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Dave Kahle’s Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century lays out the game plan for building an effective sales organization. I’ve learned to think differently because of it. His prescriptions are compelling and easy to follow. Every serious executive who has anything to do with the sales force should study this. When it comes to the processes of selling, there is none more knowledgeable than Dave Kahle……he’s the best!“-  Les Young, Vice President – Corporate Services- Aerospace Products International

Dave Kahle has come to the rescue of anyone trying to create or improve their sales system. Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century provides a comprehensive program for a dynamic sales function–and it is easy to read and comprehend. Each chapter covers actionable ideas that can make an immediate impact. Dave’s principles have transformed my thinking. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone responsible for the sales effectiveness of others.” – Tom Fehsenfeld – President – Crystal Flash Energy

Everything makes so much sense. I wish I had this book 15 years ago. I particularly appreciated the idea of training the salespeople to a minimum level of competency, and then helping to stimulate them to mastery. What a great way to understand what to do in terms of sales force training!” –Bob Burdette – President – Nunn Electric Supply Corporation

Many of us in the world of distribution have sales force organizations that have evolved based on decisions we’ve made in the past. Today we are left looking for answers and solutions based on the collective changes and forces in the distribution model over the past couple of years. In this book, Dave really hits the nail on the head with his observations and insights into today’s distribution sales force reality. His view of the future of distribution sales force design, based on the needs of the future will be a radical change for many distributors. Great information, well written, easy to understand, and provides a much needed roadmap for success. We’ll implement many of the ideas in this book.” – Steve Desautel – Vice President of Merchandising – Accu Bite Dental Supply

Kahle takes what for many of us is a nebulous area — decisions about the sales force — and makes it extremely clear and straightforward. The book provided me with a clear understanding of what changes I need to make to field an effective sales force. Congratulations for taking the smoke and mirrors out of decisions about the sales force!” – Jim Beckstein – President- Mill Supplies Incorporated