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Free Resources from Kahle Way® Sales Systems. Add substance to your sales efforts, and impact your people and the market.

Sales Force Compensation Self-Assessment

Rate your sales force compensation plan on a number of important criteria and determine to what degree your plan serves your corporate objectives.

The Hidden Path to Sales Success

Only one of twenty sales people, and one of twenty organizations, understand and implement this hidden solution.  That’s why they outperform the rest.

How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime Self-Assessment

Take this FREE assessment to see how effective your sales process is. Target your efforts for the greatest impact.

How Systems Thinking Can Transform Your Sales Force 

This special report from Dave describes a paradigm-busting concept that can transform your sales force into the productive effort you’d like it to be.   This 23 page document includes case studies and a self-assessment.  Every sales executive should have a copy.

How to Grow your Sales in a Difficult Economy

Special 15 minute podcast:  In this powerful audio, Dave shares four concepts and seven specific tactics you can use immediately to grow your sales, regardless of the economy.

How to Kreate Kahle’s Kalculation

This is the most popular of Dave’s Free Resources, with over 10,000 copies downloaded.  For sales leaders, it is a white paper which describes the concept of measuring sales productivity, and then provides a specific set of how-to directions, complete with spread sheet templates,  to create a fair, objective measurement of the productivity of each sales person, each sales group, and the company as a whole.

Handling Objections Workbook

Thorough preparation is the fundamental strategy for handling objections.  Use this free 30-page workbook to guide you through the process of anticipating, and preparing to handle every objection, even the most difficult.

What’s a Professional Sales Manager?

In this personal and poignant account, Dave discusses the qualities of the best sales manager for whom he worked.  This is inspirational reading for every sales manager.

Five Mistakes of Distributor Sales People

Over the years that Dave’s  been involved in distribution, he has worked with tens of thousands of salespeople. Certain negative tendencies -- mistakes that distributor salespeople make -- keep surfacing. Here's his top five. See to what degree you (or your sales force) may be guilty of them.

The Six Qualities of Superstar Sales People

For sales leaders – Would you like to make your job much easier?  Want to make the best single decision you'll ever make as a sales manager? Then hire a superstar salesperson. This report shows you exactly what to look for.

How to Create an Account Profile

A well-designed, systematically executed account profile form can be one of your most powerful strategies for acquiring a competitive edge.  This report shows you exactly how to create your own, personalized account profile form.

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Sales Force Compensation Self-Assessment

The Hidden Path to Sales Success

How to Sell Anything” assessment

How Systems Thinking Can Transform Your Sales Force

How to Grow Your Sales in a Difficult Economy

How to Kreate Kahle's Kalculation

Handling Objections Workbook

Five Mistakes of Distributor Sales People

Six Qualities of Superstar Sales People

How to Create an Account Profile



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