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Looking for proven, cost-effective sales resources
you can use to:

  • enjoy greater results from your sales efforts
  • find solutions to difficult challenges
  • help train and coach your sales people?

Why use Dave Kahle's sales resources?

  • Educationally sound: All our resources are created from an educationally-sound perspective.  Dave's materials incorporate practical, interactive learning exercises, based on a deep knowledge of how people learn.  That sets them apart from everyone else.  In a world full of former sales people telling their stories and passing them off as  training content, Dave's materials stand head and shoulders above everyone else.
  • Proven: The DaCo Corporation has been focusing on the best practices of the B2B sales profession since 1988.  The content has been honed and refined by the experience of tens of thousands of sales people.  You can count on these resources making an impact.
  • Practical: The most frequent comment we hear from our customers is "practical and real world."  This is a characteristic of all our resources.  Everything is focused on helping you apply the practices to your job.
  • Results-Focused: Every sales resource offers practical, how-to instruction that can be easily implemented to make an immediate impact on your performance. All our sales resources are designed to bring you measurable results by making specific changes in the behaviors of the sales people.
  • Easy to understand and easy to use:   You'll know exactly what to do and how to do it after using every sales resource.
  • Highly recommended.  We have literally thousands of testimonials.
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Choose how you would like to review our resources.  You can review them:

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Sales training programs organized by type of media:

  1. Books and manuals in hard copy
  2. Audio training on CD
  3. Video training on DVD or video cassette
  4. Multi-media, self-study CD programs
  5. Books and manuals in electronic (Ebook) format
  6. On-line audio and multi-media courses
  7. Live and Recorded Webinars
  8. Live, customized presentations
  9. Custom designed in-house training programs

Sales resources organized by job title for whom they are intended:

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Dave Kahle

Dave understands how people learn. He has a master's degree in education and has trained literally tens of thousands of sales people during his career. He is an internationally known consultant, trainer and speaker who has spoken in 47 states and seven countries. Dave has published well over 1000 articles, and writes a weekly Ezine for sales people and sales managers (Thinking About Sales) . In addition, he has authored nine books and numerous multi-media programs.

Real life experience
... Dave has been the number one sales person in the country for two different companies in two different industries so he really understands how to sell better.  As a B2B sales person, he grew a $10K territory to over $5 Million.  As a divisional president, he grew a business from nothing to $300,000 in monthly sales in three short years. He knows how to excel at sales.
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