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Train your distributor sales people in key practices to get results in a difficult selling environment

Our multi-media self study programs are designed to be used by individual sales people or small groups lead by a facilitator. Perfect for instilling effective sales practices in a new or untrained sales person with a minimal investment of your time!

All of our multi-media, self-study programs are:

Distributor specific: No generalized content. The material arises out of our 30+ years of experience in working with distributor sales people.

Practical: No useless theory. Each program contains application exercises that require the sales person to apply the content to their situations.

Focused on changing behavior: Each kit contains assignments that require the sales person to put the content into practice, and then to show his/her work to their manager.

Proven: The content has been honed and proven by the experience of tens of thousands of sales people over the past 21+ years.

Easy to use: Each program contains lesson outlines, with a step-by-step set of tasks the sales person must follow to complete the lesson. You just hand it to him, and then check his/her work when they have finished the lesson.

Educationally sound: Dave is unique among sales trainers in that he has both B.Ed and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees. He knows how people learn. Each program is an educationally proven set of learning experiences - not a compilation of old sales person's stories.
Listen to Dave being interviewed on the subject of a pre-call touch - how to get an audience with high-potential, difficult to see prospects.

Distributor Sales Training Programs:

First Steps to Success in Outside Sales: If only you had this when you started. Twelve lessons on CD and hard copy, designed to bring a new sales person up to speed quickly - and with minimal investment of your time. Learn more about success in outside sales.

The Kahle Way® Distributor Selling System: This is our flagship training program. It is the ultimate selling system for wholesale distributors. Ask about who in your industry has standardized on this approach to educating a distributor sales person. Contains 16 lessons on CD, and a set of exercises and outlines in two three-ring binders. Learn more about our distributor selling system.

Kahle Way ® Distributor Sales Person Certification Program:
A course of study, complete with application exercises, assignments and exams designed to produce high-performing distributor sales professionals. Learn more about the certification program.

Programs for Sales Managers and Sales Executives:

How to Find, Interview, Select and Hire a Good Sales Person:
The ultimate process for improving the likelihood that you will make this most crucial decision well. Contains 15 lessons on 3 CDs and a 69 page manual of resource pages and exercises. Learn more about finding good sales people.

How to Create a Win/Win Sales Compensation Plan: A step-by-step process for creating and communicating a powerful compensation plan that produces more effective sales results. Six CDs cover eleven powerful steps. Learn more about creating an effective sales compensation plan.

The Kahle Way ® Sales Management System: Our most powerful program for equipping sales managers with the key processes and practices they need to manage, educate, motivate and lead a sales force. This is our individual version. Hundreds of companies have standardized on this approach to sales management. Ask which companies in your industry have standardized on it. Contains a 180 page resource kit and six one-hour lessons delivered over the phone. Learn more about our sales management training.

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Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century

Distribution companies, by their nature, should be sales-oriented companies. But, most distributors don't do sales very well. That's the premise behind this book. Written for sales managers and executives in the distribution industry, the book provides a blue-print for executives to transform their sales forces into highly directable, effective, focused performers. {Buy it now or click here for more information.}

How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

Note: All of these programs are available by subscription to The Sales Resource Center. Call us for details. 800-331-1287.

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