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Dealing with Difficult Customers

Welcome to the Dealing with Difficult Customers web page. On this page, you'll find resources devoted to helping you with this common and frustrating challenge.

Most of the resources have been created by Dave Kahle one of the nation's leading sales educators.

Check out these articles:

Review these video training programs. Each program comes complete with a video (or DVD), a facilitator's guide, and a set of student's guides. Each provides a two-hour interactive group training program.

Consider these CD learning programs. Suitable for groups or individuals,each comes with one or two CDs, and a hard copy set of outlines and exercises.

Think about the programs utilizing our unique telephone-delivered methodology. You're equipped with an 800 number, a pin number and a set of handouts. You can dial the number anytime, 24/7 and listen to the program over the phone. Great for traveling salespeople and small group training.

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