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We’ll listen to understand your situation, budget and logistics, and put together a plan that may incorporate live presentations, video webinars, on-line training, quizzes, exams and certifications. Call us or use the Email Us link!

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A sales development program designed to invigorate your sales with an expert analysis of how to unleash your company’s sales power!

An intense scrutiny of your SALES AND MARKETING SYSTEM, followed by a sales development program designed to improve your sales results. 

Why Consider It?
Fundamental changes are coursing through our economy, creating an incredibly difficult environment for businesspeople. Competition is increasing dramatically, technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and the information explosion and government regulation are making business more complex. 

Factor in the changes occurring among customers, and the end result is a very confusing world. At the same time, there has never been greater pressure on companies to improve their sales effectiveness.

Yet most sales executives have too much to do, and not enough time in which to do it. Which means that it’s difficult to make effective, positive changes in their organizations when their time is consumed with the day-to-day demands of the business.

It’s incredibly helpful to have an expert, outside perspective on the relative strengths and weaknesses of your sales system, as well as a pinpointed analysis of exactly which initiatives you can pursue to make the greatest positive impact on your business.

The result? You have something that can save you months or years of trial and error, help you prioritize and focus, and return literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on your investment.

Our Sales System Audit delivers an eight to twelve page report containing…

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your sales and marketing system.
  • A written set of recommendations – this will detail the most effective things you can do to make an immediate, positive impact on your business – To make over your sales system to bring you better results.
  • A discussion of a step-by-step action plan to accomplish those recommendations, complete with appropriate worksheets and outlines.
  • If appropriate, a proposal for DaCo’s involvement in helping you implement the action plan.
  • An hour-long telephone conversation to discuss the report, my recommendations and action plans.

Here’s how our Sales Development Program Works…

  • We’ll engage in a formal telephone interview and set a date for my visit.
  • We’ll send you a questionnaire which you complete and return.
  • As a result of that information, we’ll schedule the people to interview and the things to review during a site visit.
  • We’ll spend a day at your business, meeting with your people and reviewing the information you provide, and work through the agenda we previously created.
  • Within 15 days, you’ll receive the written report which includes:
    • 8 to 12 pages
    • Findings
    • Recommendations
    • Action Plans
    • Proposal
  • Within 15 days, we’ll have an hour-long phone conversation to discuss the recommendations and action plans.

“This letter acknowledges the excellent counsel that Dave Kahle provided to our company in the form of an audit of our sales activities and a training presentation to our sales staff. We particularly appreciated the considerable time Dave spent with our sales management team, as well as the style and substance of his presentation and information.

Dave’s sales training was just what we needed, and what he communicated went a long way toward jump-starting our sales education process. The ongoing feedback from the sales team was very positive saying they could implement many of Dave’s concepts immediately. The activities Dave incorporated in his presentation to reinforce the concepts he presented helped to keep the whole team engaged. Having the product training after Dave’s presentation gave our reps an opportunity to incorporate new skills.

I would not only recommend Dave to any other company, I will use him again soon. Our warmest thanks for a job well done!”
Joseph Chimbel, Director Sales& Marketing, Heel Inc

How You Will Benefit…

You’ll receive expert insight on the relative strengths and weaknesses of your organization from an experienced sales consultant. These insights by themselves can lead to powerful changes within your organization, and an ongoing sales development program.

You’ll have a prioritized list of the most effective things you can do to implement positive change in your company. This can save you months of trial and error by helping you to devote your limited time to the efforts that will bring the greatest return for that investment of time.

You’ll have a specific action plan that details the things you need to do to improve your results. This can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of trial and error.

The process of being involved in the analysis often brings added fringe benefits: You understand your business better and have a clearer view of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

The bottom line — You’ll have a powerful road map to improve your results with less cost and time involved than any other approach.

We listen!

We’ll listen to understand your situation, budget and logistics, and put together a plan that may incorporate live presentations, video webinars, on-line training, quizzes, exams and certifications. Call us or use the Email Us link!

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What Kind of Results Has Dave Kahle’s Sales Development Program Achieved for Other Companies?

“Without a doubt, you far exceeded all our expectations!…You were able to challenge us with the right questions that caused us to see our own weaknesses with clearer insight. In addition, your insights and input probably saved us years of trial and error and thousands of dollars. I expect that our investment…with you may be one of the best investments we’ve made.”
Ralph Rottenburg, Executive Vice President Commerce Corporation

“Following some of DaCo’s recommendations, we improved customer service, increased sales 18%, reduced sales/operating costs by several percentage points, and found efficiencies that contributed to the ‘bottom line’.”
Gordon Vandermeulen, President Great Lakes Fasteners & Supply Co.

“Many thanks…our sales people have put many of the ideas you presented to use already and they are getting results…”
Don McKinnie, Manager — Educational Sales Division Holcomb’s

“His (Dave’s) perspectives were creative yet very practical. His style is both personable and professional. His recommendations were clear, focused, and very useful… Despite of the lack of growth in the newspaper industry we serve, with Dave’s help we were able to achieve an 11% increase in sales over last year. Margins are up, sales costs are down, and I’ve noticed a new sparkle of enthusiasm among our sales people.”
J.C.Huizenga, President American Litho, Inc.

“You have been prompt, professional and constructive in challenging and helping us exceed our new business goals. The techniques that you taught us have helped us save time and build our business.”
Carl E. Jessen, CEO Farm Credit Services

“Our sales were up 12% from a year ago. I want you to know that your work played a pivotal role in the increase.”
James Roskam, General Manager Farmers Co-op Co.

“Thanks again for a great seminar at our recent sales conference. Our entire sales force, including field sales representatives, special market account managers and telemarketers felt that your seminar was the hit of the sales conference…I would recommend your seminar to any sales organization.”
Randy Scott, Vice President Divisional Director Chariot Family Publishing

“…the results are astonishing…sales are up 79%, to go along with that our cost of sales is down 9.1% and individual margins are up over 1%. In most cases, the attitudes are better and people are more eager…Your ability to put a fresh eye on what we were doing, and to emphasize problem areas has contributed greatly to our success. Hopefully you can help others in the same way.”
Coby Martin, President D.C. Martin & son Scales, Inc.

“…put us in touch with approximately 1,000 new prospects.”
Stuart Johnson, President Bosh Material Handling

“When you signed on with us in February, our monthly sales figures were $6,591.00 . . . our September figures were $39,799.91 . . .Thank you.”
Steve Daughtery, President MTE

“Dave Kahle’s analysis was insightful and thorough and his recommendations practical and creative… His analysis helped me to better understand our business, and we are implementing a number of the recommendations.”
Bill Payne, President Brace Twine

“We have found Dave Kahle and his company to be very qualified, and have been very satisfied with his performance. I feel comfortable in recommending the DaCo corporation to you if you should be in need of his professional services.”
Randy Van Manen, Vice President Van Manen Oil Co.

We listen!

We’ll listen to understand your situation, budget and logistics, and put together a plan that may incorporate live presentations, video webinars, on-line training, quizzes, exams and certifications. Call us or use the Email Us link!

Call Us. 616-451-9377