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 Our Courses consist of Collections, Learning Paths and Routes

“CN”  designates a Collection of podcasts, blog posts and other resources treating a theme.  All Collections are free to all members.

CN: Penetrating the Difficult Account

CN: Thriving in These Turbulent Times

CN: Character Traits of Great Leaders

CN: How to Handle Difficult Customers

CN: Dealing with Price Issues

CN: Handling Objections

“LP” designates a Learning Path.  These are lessons which focus on a specific skill or practice and are  designed to be completed in about 60 minutes.  Some are free, and others have a $24.00 fee.  Those with the ($) behind the title are for sale for $24.00.

LP: Inspiring Action ($)

LP: Learning to Learn Better & Faster

LP: The Menta-Morphosis® System for self-directed learning.

LP:  How to Facilitate Menta-Morphosis®

LP:  Creating Customer Partners ($)

LP:  How to Overcome Adversity ($)

LP:  Goal Setting for Salespeople ($)

LP:  Asking Better Questions ($)

LP:  Beliefs that Hinder Salespeople ($)

LP:  Listen Better! ($)

LP:  Step One to Building a Sales System

LP:  Creating Your Sales System-2 ($)

LP:  Creating Your Sales System – 3 ($)

LP:  How our Beliefs Hinder Our Success ($)

LP:  Working with Long Term Goals ($)

“RT” designates a Route.  Routes are multiple-lesson courses.  Some are designed to be completed individually, and others require a cohort of 6 – 12 people taking the course together.  Routes are priced individually.

RT:  The Short Course in Sales Systems ($$)

RT:  Acquiring New Customers ($$)

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