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Train your sales people in a proven system to excel at Business-2-Business selling

Corporate sales training with the Kahle Way ® B2B Selling System Sales Workshop

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The world inhabited by sales people has changed dramatically in the last decade. Communication technologies like cell phones, PDA's, the Internet, and CRM software systems have become ubiquitous. Product variations and competitors have expanded in numbers. Customers have downsized, consolidated and become more sophisticated and demanding. And, the underlying pace of change has continued to speed up, making today's latest innovation obsolete in just a few months.

The bottom line is this -- it's more difficult to be an effective, productive professional sales person today than ever before.

Yet most business-to-business sales people are woefully equipped to succeed in this new, rapidly changing world. The vast majority of sales people have never been trained in how to do their job effectively. For those who have received some instruction, it typically has consisted of a generic training seminar or sales workshop that did not address the specific challenges of selling in our changing economic environment.

Your sales force has probably never had any real professional education in the best practices for the 21st Century business-to-business selling environment.

A few years ago, a company could survive and even grow with sales people who were self-taught. But the job of the sales person has become much more difficult. Companies who continue with untrained sales people risk being out manned by more professional competitors. Their customers consider competitors and their sales people are frustrated. That's a combination that puts their business at risk.

In order for sales people to have a chance to succeed in the demanding selling environment, they must be educated in a system that accounts for the constantly changing realities of the 21st Century economy. In order for companies to have a shot at surviving or prospering in the next few years, they will need a more highly educated, more professional and productive sales force.

The solution?

Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training) -- the key principles, strategies, processes and tools they need to excel at selling in the 21st Century environment.

      "This was the most intense, and the most extensive sales training program we have ever conducted. The reception and participation of the 179 sales people in the various sessions over the four weeks was excellent. I have seen an excitement and change of mind-set that we have not experienced from any other program...without a doubt, the most beneficial investment our company has ever made in our future, its profitability and in our people."
          R. L. Burdette, President, Nunn Electric Supply Corporation
The Key Concept...

Business-to-business sales people (corporate sales people) are often overwhelmed with the number of tasks they must sort out as well as the number of "solutions" and "ideas" available to them to help them do their jobs. They often default to a reactive mind set, get locked into "ruts," and only use a fraction of their potential.

Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training) specifically addresses this situation by focusing on the "key" issues. Based on a deep understanding of the unique nature of selling in the business-to-business or corporate environment, the system emphasizes those "best practices" of effective sales people. These are the essential principles, processes, attitudes and tactics that have been proven to bring significant success. Thoroughly learn and implement the keys, and everything else drives off of those behaviors.

The system focuses on instilling certain key competencies and processes which can then be focused on ever-changing circumstances. These competencies include:
  1. Critical thinking. Sales people are taught to apply key critical thinking skills to create strategies and tactics to ensure that they are always working in the most effective, most highly focused way.

  2. Principles and processes. By instilling an awareness of certain key principles as well as a familiarity with key processes, sales people are equipped to deal with an ever-changing array of circumstances.

  3. Key attitudes. Sales people are taught the importance of certain key attitudes that color all their behavior: Integrity, effectiveness, and customer orientation are a few.

  4. Key disciplines. There are certain practices which need to be repeated with discipline. These key disciplines keep the sales person focused on the most important aspects of his/her job.

      "This is to thank you for helping I.D.A. to produce another winner in our 2002 Spring Workshop series titled "Taking Your Performance Up-A-Notch". We had over 400 attendees in over 10 locations, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You have led this "road show" for I.D.A. before, and your performance just keeps getting better!... An I.D.A. member told me that he sent three veteran salesmen to one of the Spring Workshops. They went, expecting that after over 30 years in the business, there was nothing new they could learn. They came back excited and inspired with new ideas to implement. What better endorsement could there be for this program?"
          Gary L. Buffington, Executive Vice President, Industrial Distribution Association
In the Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training), sales people are taught to focus on nine key behaviors, clustered into two categories, and to execute them with ever-growing excellence.

Getting Ready!

A set of planning disciplines and tools that include:
  • Creating annual goals and objectives
  • Prioritizing accounts to focus on the highest potential
  • Creating key account plans
    The Kahle Way® B2B Selling System is also available in The Sales Resource Center. Click here to learn more.
  • Creating a monthly plan
  • Organizing for optimal use of time
Getting to It!

Excellent execution of a sales call format that focuses on:
  1. Learning about the customer
  2. Deepening the relationship
  3. Presenting products and programs
  4. Acquiring agreement for customer actions
      "The comments I received from attendees were amazing. Never have we sent a group of people to any kind of sales seminar or training session and received such an overwhelming positive feedback. Everyone appreciated the solid "how to do it" session rather than a presentation of concepts. As one of our people sale, "he's not just giving us the meat and potatoes, but also the fork to eat them with." The second part of the session for managers was also excellent. Following up with the sales people is critical to successfully implementing the things they learned from you. Providing our managers with a set of tools will have a huge impact on our long-term success. We look forward to working with you again to introduce more of our sales people to the rock solid guidelines for success you shared with us last week."
          Tom Berger, President, Fuchs Machinery

We can customize the system to your unique selling environment, and incorporate any existing forms, processes or CRM software.

Program Materials...

Every participant will receive a three ring binder full of over 100 pages of resource material -- slides, exercises, worksheets, graphs, formulas and articles designed to be a lifetime resource.

Your Choice of Training

You can train your sales force in the
Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training) in any of four different methods:
  1. A customized two & ˝ day workshop at your facility. Contact us for pricing and availability (800-331-1287).
  2. Sending your sales people to our semi-annual Sales Academy.
  3. Becoming licensed to do the training yourself utilizing our DVD's and "equip the trainer" System.
  4. An individual, self-study version.
      "Dave's presentation style was remarkable in that he kept our experienced sales force mentally engaged for the entire day. Every one of them has since remarked about the things they learned. Dave opened our eyes to different ways of looking at things, held our attention with topics that impacted our day-to-day efforts, and even the options of some of our more seasoned people by 180 degrees. It was an excellent seminar, and time very well spent. We recommend him wholeheartedly."
          Ed Moss, Sales Manager, R.V. Evans Company
The Live Seminar...

Sales people are taught the system in a blended-learning experience that provides for differences in learning styles and situations.

A.   The Seminar:

They begin with a two ˝ day intense sales workshop. We can bring this seminar to your company, or you can attend one of our semi-annual public training seminars. At this seminar, sales people are taught the basics of the system in an interactive environment. They are expected to complete a number of exercises which require them to apply the system's keys to their own territory.
      "The two days literally flew by. Great content, superior speaking skills and a very well thought out booklet for all to follow along."
          Tom Rosendahl, President, Dakota Supply Group
B.   Follow up training:
  1. Every sales person is offered the opportunity to receive a lifetime subscription to our sales Ezine, "Thinking about Sales." That means that four times a month, the sales person will receive some communication from Dave Kahle, expanding on some aspect of sales which they can add to their repertoire.

  2. Follow up habit building program: Our unique follow up habit building system includes a set of 16 emails which we send to the sales managers to edit and send to the sales people they supervise. Then, we provide sixteen 45 minute phone seminars, coordinated with the emails. Each email and seminar focuses on one aspect of the system, reviews the content, and makes a specific assignment to work on that "best practice" for the next two or three weeks. The sales manager sends the emails, and then talks with the sales people about their success in implementing the assignments. The sales people listen to the 45-minute seminar at their convenience, 24/7. They work on implementing the assignment, and discuss their experience with their sales managers in an outlined conference call. Two weeks later, they receive another email from the sales manager, with a new pin number to use for the next phone seminar .

  3. Optional follow up certification: For those companies who desire documentation of the learning experience, we offer a certification program. To be certified, sales people must have attended the live program and the 16 phone seminars, pass an exam, and have the endorsement of their managers.

      "Thank you, Dave. I have already seen tangible growth in sales and in professionalism from our team. We are "far better today than we were yesterday" as a result of your training."
          Tom Rosendahl, President, Dakota Supply Group
The DVD Training System...

The DVD System is best suited to those companies who need to regularly train new sales people, and have the resources to present the training themselves.

The DVD Training System provides you access to the personalized power of my Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training), in an efficient and convenient 16-part, DVD-based program. This format allows you to equip your trainers to train your own people, on your own time schedule, at your own place of business.

The complete program consists of a Licensing Agreement for the use of 16 DVD sessions featuring Dave Kahle in action, and supported by a complete package of Facilitator Guides, Exercise Work Sheets, Study Assignments and Evaluations. It is the most complete training program yet devised and the DVD component makes it the next best thing to a live sales training workshop or seminar.

When you purchase the license, you receive a set of DVD's and permission to play them an unlimited number of times. You also receive a facilitator's guide to each of the sessions. These guides walk you through the training session, with specific directions as to exactly what to do and what to say. We have designed the guides to allow anyone, with virtually no preparation, to lead a training session. No need to attend a "train-the-trainer" seminar. The guides contain everything you need to know.

Each training session lasts approximately two hours, and consists of:

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  1. An accountability discussion of the assignment
  2. A DVD presentation
  3. A set of exercises.
  4. An assignment to practice the skills taught.

In addition to the DVD's and Facilitator's Guides, you also receive a three ring binder for each participant. The Participant Guides contain slides for each session, exercises, definitions of terms, and an assignment for each session.

To order, call 1-800-331-1287.

The Individual Self-Study Version

Only have a few sales people and don't want to wait for the public seminar? Or, have you just hired a new sales person? This is the version for you.

It contains the same powerful, proven material, organized into 16 self-directed lessons. Each lesson begins with a study guide to lead the sales person through the material, progresses to an audio lesson on CD, and requires application of the material with specific exercises and assignments.

It is so easy. All you do is hand the two binders to the sales person, and check on his progress from time to time.

The Kahle Way ® B2B Selling System
Individual Self-Study Version
Two three ring Binders, 16 lessons on CD

Optional follow up certification.

For those companies who desire documentation of the learning experience, we offer a certification program. To be certified, sales people must have attended the 16 training sessions, pass an exam, and have the endorsement of their managers . In order for sales people to have a chance to succeed in this demanding selling environment, they must be educated in a system that accounts for the constantly changing realities of our 21st Century economy. Your best shot at prosperity - and survival - could depend on the level of education and the professionalism of your sales force.

To contact us to discuss your situation, please click here.
      "I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your recent presentation to our sales force. The seminar was excellent! You really kept everyone engaged with you through out the entire seminar, even some of our very experienced reps. Every one gained practical ideas that they can implement immediately, and felt that you really understand our industry and know sales. Frankly, you were the best presenter we have ever had!"
          Jonathan Mize, Sr. Vice President - Sales & Marketing Blish-Mize

Here are a few of the reasons why you should utilize the Kahle Way® System....

  • This is a low-cost corporate sales training program for any new hires or seasoned pros who want to learn how to increase sales .

  • Dave is one of the country's leading authorities in the B2B industry; that means that the program is specific to the B2B sales process.

  • The program consists of two full days of intensive training based on practical, real-life training examples. Participants gain hands-on experience testing the new tactics in a safe environment.

  • Dave is a motivating and proven industry speaker and trainer who has presented to over 100 associations, has helped hundreds of companies increase their sales and has literally helped develop the skills of thousands of sales people.

  • Dave has over 200 letters of recommendation from clients who have benefited from Dave's training or consulting services. Click here to read what people are saying about Dave's programs.

  • The program is packed with proven, effective selling tactics and strategies. That means that participants will get take-home value that they can use immediately to see increased results.

      "I hired Dave Kahle to do a seminar for our thirty-five sales people. I asked Dave to help us be more focused and prepared, and to better overcome objections and close deals. When I completed Dave’s post seminar evaluation, I was pleased to rate him at the highest levels for most areas of his presentation. One of the best things we gained was the ability to be better prepared and the ability to ask pertinent questions. Other managers and I found that specific advice helpful as we moderated customer breakout sessions at a recent business conference. One of the biggest assets Dave Kahle brought to our sales team was the fact that he is "one of us". He understands what we go through every day as distributor sales people, and he addressed those issues. If I were to summarize his presentation in five words, it would be that Dave was "well prepared, concise, and relevant" - just what I want our people to be to our customers. I recommended Dave to our senior sales and product management and I would recommend him for any sales training or sales management needs. I think he can bring creative insights to any strategic business situation, and be especially helpful for distributors."
          Scott Wyatt, Field Sales Manager, Huttig Building Products

Some of the things that participants will learn from the
Kahle Way® Business-to-Business Selling System (corporate sales training)....

1. How to focus your energy by creating motivating and challenging sales goals for yourself.
2. How to stay concentrated on the most effective application of your time.
3. The essential things to learn about every account.
4. How to calculate the real potential in an account.
5. How to focus your time on those accounts that will bring you the best return.
6. How to create a monthly plan that keeps you focused on the most effective application of your time.
7. How to create plans to penetrate your key accounts.
8. How to organize your sales territory to maximize your productivity.
9. How to organize your file system to stay in control of your information.
10. The four essential objectives for every sales call.
11. A unique format for how to plan and prepare for every sales call.
12. The often over-looked key to understanding business relationships.
13. The three components to a positive business relationship.
14. How to analyze and assess your relationships with every key person in your territory.
15. How to methodically improve your relationships - regardless of the personality of the customer.
16. How to assess a customer’s personality style quickly and accurately.
17. How to adjust your style to reflect the customer’s.
18. How to successful deal with any kind of customer.
19. How to understand your customer in a deeper way than any of your competitors.
20. How to prepare powerful questions for any selling situation.
21. The single most powerful rule for understanding your customers.
22. Three question-asking strategies that will equip you to confidently handle any situation.
23. How to stimulate a customer to share deep and important information with you.
24. How to organize a presentation of any product, program or service.
25. Ten powerful tactics that will allow you to persuasively present any product.
26. The one tactic that will make your proposals stand out from your competitors.
27. Five powerful rules for closing the sale - while you protect the relationship.
28. Four comfortable closes.
29. A format for preparing for any sales objection.
30. Three simple steps to dramatically improve your ability to handle objections.
31. How to deal with the price objection.

    "Dave Kahle's presentation was excellent. It was very well prepared, easy to grasp, addressed the needs I had expressed to him in advance, and kept everyone involved. I wouldn't change anything. On his evaluation, I rated Dave highest in virtually every category. His coaching style allowed each of our sales people to develop their own effective questions for clients instead of simply repeating his suggested questions. Probably the most valuable aspect of Dave's visit with us was the clear and strong insight into the importance of planning for the best use of out time and how that relates to sales success. I would hire Dave Kahle again and I would strongly recommend him to any sales training."
        Tony Fidler, Sales Manager, Superior Implement Supply Company
    "Thank you for an excellent presentation at out National Sales Meeting. I have read a couple of your books and subscribe to your newsletter so I had high expectations for the presentation. You exceeded my expectations; your presentation was on point and very timely for what our 50 sales reps needed to hear. I had many positive comments from our sales force regarding both the content of your presentation and the high energy interactive presentation style. In the weeks since the presentation I have had several sales reps credit the information you presented when sharing success stories with me. We have used your presentation as a platform to build in 2004 as we ask our reps to be much more proactive about planning how they need to spend their valuable sales time. I know that this will have a positive impact on our business in the future. We look forward to bringing you back to a future National Sales Meeting."
        Dave Bartholomew, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Lancaster
    "We convened in June 2004 for a two day sales ‘Boot Camp’ featuring the Kahle Way Distributor Sales System®. Bringing in 50 of our own sales reps and managers. Plus twenty of our key supplier personnel during our busiest season, was a big move and investment for us. I can now say that is was not only a big move, it was the BEST move. Well worth the time and money invested. I have had overwhelming feedback from those attending. The training provided a focused professional means to methodically and successfully approach the sales and sales management functions. All agreed that "if you do this stuff it will work". Analyze Potential > Categorize > Plan > Report! The two days literally flew by. Great content, superior speaking skills and a very well thought out booklet for all to follow along. The booklet included a customized cover, copies of all the power points all of the exercises that were used and plenty of room for notes. Thank you, Dave. I have already seen tangible growth in sales and in professionalism from our team. We are "far better today then we were yesterday" as a result of your training."
        Tom Rosendahl, Dakota Supply Group, Inc.
    "When we returned, I instituted the monthly sales goal and reviews (four sales goals, one personnel goal.) It has been hugely successful. I had one new guy who was struggling. With this direction of his efforts, he has more then doubled his sales. The other guys have seen nice improvements... Your sales training and strategy have been an important part of the success of our company."
        David E. Hostetter, Director of Sales & Marketing, Keystone Building Products, Inc.
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