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Great business leaders invariably exhibit the same qualities of character. In this first of series, I look at the qualities of character that mark great leaders, with a deep dive into the first:  An unshakeable work ethic.

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First, for those of you who may never have thought this way, let’s create a common definition of ‘character’ and ‘qualities of character’ as they relate to the world of business.

          The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘character’ as: “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”  Simply put, it’s the way that we generally act. So, we can be known as industrious for example, or lazy. These two words: ‘industrious,” and “lazy” describe certain traits or qualities of our character.  We can be counted on to act in harmony with those qualities.  If we are known as industrious or lazy, it’s because we have acted that way, repeatedly.  Now, those who know us expect us to act that way. Character ultimately expresses itself through our actions.

Our character, then, is the combination of all the qualities, or traits, that we have developed over time.  The individual traits are what we call ‘qualities of character’, while the composite of all those individual traits is what we call our character.

Here’s my first nomination for a quality that fuels business success:  An unshakable work ethic


The concept of winning the lottery and retiring early is scary, not attractive.  They can’t imagine themselves retiring to a life of leisure.  They would go crazy getting up every day with no job to do. They can’t understand the 20-somethings that prefer a day of video games on the couch to a day of productive labor.

They are constantly looking for ways to do work more effectively and efficiently. That diligence is what often propels them to start their own businesses.  These are the plumbers who decide to go into business for themselves, and ten years later employ 15 other people.  These are the programmers who have a different idea, and develop that app and the business that supports it.

That drive to do work, and to do it better not only makes these people great employees, but it fills up the population of people from which good new businesses emerge.

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