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Bring powerful, career-changing content to your sales force
with our easy-to-use sales training video kits!

Up-a-NotchT Sales Development System

Sales Training Video Kits For:

Designed to:

  • Train new sales people on the key behaviors that will bring them success.
  • Stimulate experienced sales people to take their performance up-a-notch!

These sales training video kits provide a structured 60 to 120 minute, interactive sales training workshop . They are designed to be used monthly, in small groups. Each kit focuses on a single aspect of the sales person's job, and provides powerful and unique principles, strategies, processes, and tools to help them master that behavior.

Constant Improvement - During each session, sales people focus on one specific aspect of effective selling. They'll create assignments for themselves and practice that behavior during the month. At the beginning of the next session, they'll report on their progress in order to bring the whole learning experience full circle. Then, they'll focus on a new issue presented in the next video.

Cost Effective - You'll acquire a library of training materials for your team. They can go back and review the video or audiotapes at their convenience when they need to brush-up on a skill or just refresh their excitement in the job.

Flexible - From new hires to experienced professionals, the program offers sales people, at any stage of their career, an opportunity to succeed and excel in our changing environment. Each sales training video kit contains:

    1. A leader's guide so that anyone can easily run the session.
    2. Fifteen student guides. Additional guides are available for $20 each.
    3. A 25 - 35 minute video tape of Dave Kahle teaching some aspect of sales or customer service.
    4. An audiotape of the video, for those who need a refresher.

"All of our employees from truck driver to sales person take part in our monthly sales training using your video training programs. I'm always impressed with the quality of your products. The monthly video training programs are easy to conduct and also offer our staff many ways they can achieve measurable results. On a scale of 1 - 10, your video training program receives a 10+ from me."

Steve Yountz, Branch Manager Lumbermen's Inc.

Up-a-Notch TM Video Training for Field Salespeople 

Prioritizing Your Customers To Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Module One: Get Organized
Learn how to organize yourself for success, how to change with the times, how to better manage time in order to get in front of the highest-potential customers. $599 Buy it Now! (Available in either VHS or DVD format.)

Module Two: Consultative Selling
Strategies for getting to know customers at the deepest levels. $599 Buy it Now! (Available in either VHS or DVD format.)
What Clients Have to Say:
"We have enjoyed using your video sales training programs... Our sales people and office staff participate in our monthly training sessions and the videos are great for getting the message across. I saw the need for advanced sales training and have found your video kits to be the answer we were looking for. They provide a cost-effective way for us to train our people on a regular basis."

West Michigan Uniform

Module Three: Persuasive Presentations
How to prepare persuasive and irresistible presentations. $399. Buy it Now! (Available in either VHS or DVD format.)

Module Four: Closing the Sale
Strategies to handle objections, and keep people moving forward toward conclusion. $799 Buy it Now!
(Available in either VHS or DVD format.)

BEST VALUE Buy all four modules for Field Sales People outlined above for only $2196, and you'll save $200. BUY NOW & SAVE! (Available in either VHS or DVD format.) view_cart.gif

What Clients Have to Say:
"We are using both the inside and outside sales program, and have been highly pleased with the results. Your program challenges us to generate new ideas as we set measurable improvement goals for the different areas addressed by [the tapes.]"
Henry J. Bouma, Vice President
Lumbermen's Plastic Division

 Up-a-NotchTM Training for Sales and Branch Managers

Prioritizing Your Customers To Dramatically Increase Your Sales
  • Employee Discipline
    Discipline is one of the tougher aspects of management, but if you get good at it, there are significant benefits such as a fair and productive work environment for your staff. Conversely the consequences of ineffective or inappropriate discipline are just the opposite. It can create an unproductive environment and tag you with adjectives ranging from ineffective or temperamental to monstrous. This program shows participants how to overcome the obstacles that most sales people are faced with on a regular basis. {Click here for more information.}

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Environment
    How is it that you as a sales or branch manager can create that atmosphere that is most conducive to creating a workplace that is positive, effective and productive? In this video tape, Dave Kahle helps sales and branch mangers incorporate praise and encouragement into their workplace. He also provides helpful and useful information on establishing professional boundaries as a sales or branch manager. {Click here for more information.}

  • Effective Meetings
    If you personally become skilled and effective at running meetings, you'll give your own career a major push. The better you become at creating effective meetings, the more valuable you will become to your organization. Meetings are not only a good way to communicate, but they can also be a powerful source of new ideas and good thinking. Two heads are better than one, that's why it's important for you to manage good meetings. {Click here for more information.}

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